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I would like to give a BIG shout out to Adirondack Audio in Queesnbury, NY.  I had never heard of them until I went looking for an authorized Technics dealer.  There were 2 in my area, Adirondack and Fidelis.  I sent both dealers email last Sunday evening, inquiring about trading in my 1 1/2 year old VPI Prime for the new Technics SL1200G TT.  I received a message from Jason Tavares who is the owner of Adirondack Audio the very next day (Monday on which they are closed) offering me a very fair price on the deal.  I waited until Tuesday early afternoon after hearing nothing from Fidelis.  I called Fidelis and after about 4 hours later, called them back and they offered me a price of $1000.00 less for my trade in than Adirondack Audio offered.  I called Adirondack the very next morning (Wednesday) and spoke both to my salesman, Frank Affinito and Jason who is the owner.  I committed to the deal and told them I would drive up the next day to make the trade.

At that time, they also offered to mount my present cartridge on the Technics and to go over the entire set up with me.  I offered a down payment but they said it wasn't necessary.  My wife and I arrived the next day around 10:30 in the morning and while the owner was getting ready to set up my new turntable, I was given the grand tour of the store by Frank.  The store is one of the nicest and certainly one of the cleanest and neat audio store I have been in.  Their sound rooms are all very nice with a wide range of equipment in many price ranges.  They have 2 floors with many different brands and systems.  The entire time I was there,  both the owner and salesman were extremely friendly and chatty with me and I was explained every aspect of the turntable, etc..  When iot was time to leave, my wife and I were thanked over and over again and we were even given recommendations for good quality local restaurants for lunch.

This one of the BEST experiences I have had at a high end store, between the friendly staff, getting back to my email immediately and taking care of business.  I highly recommend them to anyone  who is looking for great personalized service.  Thank you both Jason and Frank!!!     Please note I have absolutely no affiliation with Adirondack Audio, I am just a very satisfied customer.
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So what about the new table?
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See my thread “buying a new Technics SL1200G” I have 2 listening impressions, one on the first day and another from yesterday. 
+ 1 for Adirondack Audio, I bought several things from them when I lived in Albany .Also worth a LONG drive, the Adirondack mountains of Northern NY state are the most beautiful in the world and I’ve seen them all !The beauty of Upstate NY in general is the USA ’s greatest kept secret .
Having grown up in upstate NY, with my family having a boat on Lake George, I can attest to the truth of your statement.
Stereo 5 it’s not the least bit fair to call Fidelis on the carpet because there was a delay in getting back to you. There are times when people are very busy and I’m sure it’s happened to you it’s happens to all of us. As for the 1000 difference that’s what they can afford to offer period. Don’t drag their name in the mud for that. I have no affiliation with Fidelis nor have I ever done business with them.
@jaf36...............I didn’t call Fidelis on the carpet. I merely related my experience. Fidelis offered me a paltry 1000.00 for my Prime which I paid 4000.00 for. I was also including the dust cover which cost me another 350.00. I have spent a lot of money at Fidelis over the years so I am not some unknown. My Prime was less than a year

I think my write up was to the point and I did not say that Fidelis was at fault, I just related what transpired. Get over it already.
Thank You for sharing your story. It is imperative to post positive and negative experiences when dealing w/ these retailers.
Which other brands does Adirondack Audio represent?
Happy Listening!
2nd note:
IMO, no one is ever "too" busy to return an email nor phone call? It is called customer service.  Happy Listening!
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Thank you.  I thought my original post was fine.  With everyone carrying a phone in their pocket, there is no excuse to keep a customer waiting like that.
Brick and mortar high end stores are as rare as hen's teeth. You did represent them in a bad light. You got what you wanted. There was no need to comment on Fidelis. I was over it before my prior comment.  
@jaf36 it seems you were the only one bothered by my mentioning of Fidelis. 
It’s a sad world we live in.