During the last couple of weeks, two discussions were started concerning rap music and both were quickly deleted by moderators. As much as I have enjoyed this forum, I am deleting my account. I cannot continue to associate with a group moderated by PC cowards so terrified of offending the delicate sensibilities of a vocal minority that they are willing to deny their members the right of freedom of speech. I am sure some of you will say "good riddance", and I'm fine with that. It is after all, one of your rapidly dwindling rights.
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So are you the pot? Or the kettle? Who cares- hypocrite virtue signaler for sure. Won’t leave either. Never do. That’s the thing about virtue signalers- all signal, no actual virtue. Too hard. Talk is easy.

On the slim chance you are leaving, buh bye!

What? You’re still here?! Course you are. Okay so here’s the thing you PC coward- rap is so racist, misogynist, and profane that every time the lyrics are posted they are removed because they are so racist, misogynist and profane. Oh, and "adios" is cultural appropriation!

And so is "hobo"!