Additional upgrade on power cords needed?

I am using a Custom Power Cord Top Gun Power Block Plus for my CD player and pre-amp. I am using these components with their standard power cords. Will there be any benefit to adding the Top Gun HCfi (or Model Eleven for that matter) power cords to my components, or has the Power Block already conditioned the power to the point that it would be without benefit to add possible addtional conditioning with the power cords?

I am using a Model Eleven power cord with my amp connected directly into the wall socket and am happy with the result.
I can't comment on that brand, however, yes, you will get a noticeable improvement with better power cords on your components. Start with the CD and the Power Amp.
I am a big fan of David Blair's Custom Power Cords and use his power conditioning units & power cords exclusively. His products are one of the best bargains in high end audio! Go with either the Mod. 11, or if funds permit, the Top Gun. The correct upgrade sequence should be: 1)CD player 2)Pre-amp 3)Amp. What is the current draw of your amp? The Mod. 11 may be limiting the current flow if you have an amp that's a power hog and may need a Top Gun + or Top Gun HC power cord. YOU ONLY NEED THE STANDARD TOP GUN FOR YOUR CD AND PRE-AMP! Your only half way home using stock power cords. Feel free to email me for more info. Happy Tunes!
One more idea is to install dedicated AC lines...if you don't have them already...

I agree with both posts above...
Hey,dude; I got 3 TGs and the Power Block.(original,not the 2) Great value.There is still major room for improvments.--I also have 3 cords better than the TGs;and NOT where others say they should go. Got 2 Audio Magic Stealths.--Each of those has a K Cobra from the wall;to them.-- One is just for the monoblocks.Once you get the improvment of the Power Block; there is SO much more.Once you get the front end set;then work the amp/s.
Oops! My fly is open! Actually, I would probably be less embarrassed if this happened than my incorrect post! I confused the models of the Custom Power Cords! I should have stated "Go with the Hi-Value (NOT THE MODEL 11!!!) or, if funds permit, the Top Gun." All of the power cords are great, but having tried them all, in my opinion, you get the most "bang for the buck" from the Hi-Value or Top Gun...especially if you're considering upgrading from a Hi-Value, move up to the Top Gun! I guess I deserve 10 lashes with a Top Gun power cord for my screw-up!
I have the top gun power block and several top gun and model 11 cords, and I disagree with several of the above posts. I don't like the combination of more top guns following the power block (which already has the filtering and cord that are in the top guns). Putting them in series accentuates the downsides of the cpcc sound, i.e. too dark and too much accentuation of the upper mids. I prefer less filtering after the initial power block and would try cords at the lower end of David Blair's line, possibly the model 11, or other unfiltered cords (better than stock cords though).
I have never used the brand you are using, but I would agree with Flex. I have found that the most significant change has been found using a good power cord from the wall to the power conditioner. And frankly I think just using a real good cord to a cheap power conditioner is quite adequate. Well at least from my experiments it has been. After the power conditioner I found no great advantages to using a coslty power cord, in fact I found upgrading all of the cords ( with costly cords ) muted my system. A simple upgrade of whatever was on sale ( same brand of course ) for the rest of the equipment worked for me.