Additional isolation for Preamp/ components

I have a Rix Rax hoodoo (4 shelf) rack with another 2-shelf
version curently being made by Rick. I dont believe there to be any exact science behind these racks, but they are certainly rigid and structurally sound. I have only 8" between sheves on the hoodoo and will have 9" on the smaller rack I am awaiting. I dont have alot of play as far as the height of an aftermarket ball-bearing type, or point/cone type foot.I will have to look for something around 1" in height. With all that said, I am wondering if anyone might suggest an isolation product to couple my linestage, phono stage , and maybe even my AA Capitole 2. The AA will sit atop of my new rack when it arrives, with the other components on the lower shelves. Thanks in advance.
How about the Vibrapods recommended by Stereophile? Got mine at Acoustic Sounds website. Hope this helps you.
Check out for his low rise footers. Something for everyone among his various sizes, shapes, and heights.
90 day return privileges if not impressed.
You get to speak to the man, himself, if you call for advice.
I've tried a number of devices and I like the Symposium Roller Blocks, especially with the titanium balls. I have them under my turntable, CD transport, pre-amp and DAC. In fact, I have the "double blocks" (one block under and one upside down on top of the ball) under the TT & CD. They are a terrific tweak, not inexpensive, but, still, less costly than some other sophisticated isolation devices.
I use stillpoints with risers under my CDP and really did not want to hear an improvement but I did. I also tried Herbies iso-cups with ebony balls and they were almost, (probably just as), good as the still points. A bit more detail without being bright, a bit more depth to the sound stage. I now use the Stillpoints under the CDP, and herbies iso-cups with ebony balls under tubed phono stage and preamp and Herbies big feet under power amp. Billy Bags rack.
The FIM 305 is a double ( upper and lower ) cup plus ball device which is not very high. Steel, tungsten and ceramic balls are available. Although the instructions tell you how to make a platform and set them into it, they work very well on their own. They are more expensive than BDR cones but even more effective in my system, and cheaper than Symposium Rollerblocks.
You might try some wood blocks like the one's made by Cardas.......... I made my own out of hard maple for almost zero $$$, and while they aren't based on any scientific measurements like the Cardas, I think they make a positive difference.

I use tone woods under my Amp, CD Transport, and DAC with excellent results.. Check out Monument Reference Isolation products. They are the best thing I have used..

Well, that clears everything up!
have you considered sound boosters by sound fusion ?

i use them under all of my components--amp, preamp and cd player.

go to to see what they look like.

i am biased toward these devices and have reviewed them as well. the good thing about them is their cost, somewhere between $0.00 to $60.00 per set of 4.
I also use the Firm 305 with very good results and they have a very low profile