Adding Tub Preamp to HT setup

I'm consider adding a new tube preamp to my HT setup and I'll have my EAD Signature Processor do all the digital decoding. Would adding tube preamp to my HT benefit my 2-chanel listening?

If yes, is there any tube preamp that has HT pass-through?
My current HT setup:
Transport : Audio Research CDT1
Processor : EAD TM Signature
Power : Jeff Rowland 5
Main Spkrs : B&W Matrix 802 S3
I presently have a setup like you are describing. I use a Conrad Johnson LS17 as my two channel preamp. This preamp has a HT pass-through that provides unity gain. For HT use I am using a Proceed AVP and I run the front two channels from the AVP into the pass-through input on the Conrad Johnson. The Conrad Johnson provides a wonderful two channel system and it also helps to smooth out the front two channels when using it in HT pass-through mode. The AVP has a pretty good preamp section but it can not compete with the magic of a tube preamp. I highly recomend an arrangement such as this no matter what tube preamp you go with. It can give you the best of both worlds in one combined system. Also, the Audio Research LS25 mk II and the Ref Two have HT pass-through inputs as well. There are probably others.
Other tube preamps with HT passthroughs you may want to consider: Sonic Frontiers, Rogue, PSE. Great way to seamlessly integrate tubes into your HT system. By the way, are you using the EAD as a DAC?

Whether this will benefit your system goes to personal tastes, and obviously only you can make that call. I would guess the EAD does a decent job with 2-channel, but tubes are a different animal and may or may not yield an "improvement." Of the preamps I listed I found the SF and PSE to be more neutral and Rogue to impart more of the warmth that many traditional tube lovers crave.

I believe once you start demo-ing some of the tube preamps in your system the answer will come pretty quickly and easily one way or the other. Best of luck.

The EAD signature does an excellent job in 2-channel but I've been heard that tube gears are different kind of animal and would like to give them a try on my HT system. With tube preamp to my HT system, EAD Signature will work as a DAC on 2-channel and work as a Pre/Pro on multi-channel. From your post I'm interested in Sonic Frontiers and Audio Research preamps a lot. By the way, any other suggestion would be really appreciate.

Supakit S.

My friend uses the balance inputs of his Theta Casablanca from his Classe 401 for hometheater and RCA output on the Classe to his Blue circle pre-amp. The results are very good. Just a flick of the switch on his amp from balanced to RCA and he is done.

ARC LS-16. Has pass through- worked great in HT/2-channel combo system while I had it. Can find them for around $2k used on Audiogon. Good luck.
Anthem pre 2L also does good job/price.