Adding streaming services to a streamer via usb

Is there a way to add streaming services to a streamer that are not native to the streamer?  Many streamers don't come with native support of some streaming services, in my case Qobuz or Amazon Music.  Is there a way to add those services to a usb drive, connected to the streamer, so that I can access them "natively", without having to Airplay the content at a lower resolution?

My streamer is a ModWright modded Oppo Sonica. 


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Google Chromecast sounds excellent and doesn’t require a physical connection.  The new CA streamers in the $500 range do Chromecast.  Might be worth the investment by the OP just for that and AirPlay ( not as good as Chromecast but definitely better than Bluetooth).  If the OP likes the new streamer he can sell off the old one

My pet peeve is the lack of native support for many streaming services with the OS of most high end streamers!! I listen primarily to Amazon HD and Idagio,  and can't get support for either or both of these from Naim, Aurender,  Innuos,  etc.  At least Innuos says they are working on it,  but have other priorities.  So I'm using a Bluesound Node 2i,  moded with a TeddyPardo LPS,  and using an English Electric inline filter.  Probably gets me to at least 90 % of the SQ of a really high end streamer anyway. But,  like most "audiofools", I crave that remaining 10%!!

I appreciate the additional insight into your individual experiences.  

I'm going to grab a long lightning usb cable w/camera adapter and hard wire it to the Sonica usb port while I digest some of these ideas. 

My family uses the system as well so adding wireless for all services at some point would be ideal.  

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It’s hard for anyone to collaborate with Amazon because they do not share tech unless they can sell commercials. You’ll have to "reverse engineer" diy.

At least you are in a 100% better place than the OP will ever be with Oppo.