Adding storage to digital player

OK--I am in the process of moving deeper into the digital world. Currently, I am storing digital (high rez plus CD quality) music on my MAC desktop.
I load into an Astell Kerns AK240 using their Android program for MAC. I can play the AK240 through my home system using Moon silver Dragons into my C-J classic II pre amp. (not balanced). Sound is excellent!

I have a Bryston BDA3 which I use for CD's. 

I am considering purchasing a Bryston BDP3. So BDP3 into BDA3 to C-J preamp.
 My question is adding digital music storage capability to the BDP (2 Terabytes should be plenty for me). I do not want to add another piece of equipment/NAS plus wire.
Choices are hard drive vs SDD.  Quality vs cost? What issues am I facing specific to the Bryston? Also installation--easy or best left to a pro? And what costs should I expect to have the folks selling me the BDP make the installation? (parts and labor). I am dealing with excellent retailer.


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A SSD would be the better way to go. Though remember, when a drive fails, you loose everything. So, having everything backed up to a NAS would be optimal.
If you think 2 Terrabytes is enough, get 4. Cost differential is negligible and not totally filling a drive is better, too.
I have no info on Bryston, but a good dealer should take care of you.
I was leaning toward the SSD. Your advice sounds solid. 
Storage issue is interesting and important. I will look around the site.
Right now hi Rez downloads are stored on the MAC I also convert any mp3 to aiff.
Also much of the music is stored on the AK 240.
I will likely get a backup HD for the Mac.
Also is cloud viable for storage.?
I am assuming I can connect the Bryston player to the Mac and load it.
Then transport the Bryston to my system in other room,

I have always been skeptical of 'cloud'storage. If they go out of business, get sold,or you forget pay the fee, your data might be lost. Storage is cheap, so just keep backups and try to store one offsite.
Since I like to have music throughout the house, I bought Bluesound Nodes. They also make a Vault (like your BDP).
The nice thing is that you can use your BDA-3 with the Node and get superior sound over the internal DAC. And, the Node and Vault can connect wirelessly for synchronized music.