adding stereo preamp to rotel 1098 ht processor

can i do this using the 2ch bypass function by inserting a preamp in between the cd/dvd player analog outs and the processor? i don't beleive i am gettting the 2ch sound i could be. i use a cary dvd 6 as the player and have linn espek runing aktiv.
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I run the 1068 wich is pretty much what you have less the disply and I run a tube pre for 2 channel but I think you would do better by running the front R & L channels thru the tube pre as I do, I do not have a tube unit with HT bypass but I use its tape loop and simply need the volume at 12 o'clock for level matching during movies. You do not want you Rotel in the chain at all for 2 channel and they way I describe will do just that, after you run the LR out of your Rotel into the tube pre its outputs go to your amps as normal.
thanks for the response. i have seen that desribed in the other threads but i thought the bypass would alow the preamp to send thru it's signal with volume control at preamp and set the rotel at a standard volume. i use a tad 150 sig at work, but no current preamp in ht setup. love what the tubes in the preamp do to a digital front and and ss amp.
You want to keep it simple and pure so not routing it thru the Rotel is always best.