adding power amp to receiver

will adding a power amp to my denon avr 2700 bring that much difference? reason for asking is that i've been listening more to music lately rather than watching movies. or, should i just buy a new/used integrated (budget $500-700). listening to classicals mainly. i have a rotel rcd 951. will appreciate suggestions...thanx
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I just responded to another thread of yours. Again, to obtain appropriate responses, you should tell us what speakers you have, how big is your room, etc.

I would say probabaly so.

Recievers always slightly skimp on the aamp and processor just to get them both in one package. I still like recievers myself, i have a Denon 3803 and think the world of that thing. Excellent piece of machinery

Adding a seperate amp would probably work rather well, it just depends on how many channels you want. If you are going to spend up to 700 bucks, then get a good used 2 channel amp and use it on the fronts, upgrade the rest later

If you spend 700 for a new 5 channel amp, you will probly get the same quality of amp that is currently in your reciever, which would be rather piontless.

i suggest you dont amp the reciver though, and spend the money on getting seperates.
Start a dedicated 2 channel system. If you start with an amp you can use it with your denon untill you start getting more of the chunks needed to get the 2ch rig running

Obviously you did not get the "format card" for question asking that David_berry passed out a couple weeks back, but it really does help if you include more of the system you are running! Plus answers from David_berry are pretty good and definatly worth listening to. :)

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In my opinion adding a power amp to a receiver will only result in a modest improvement on music. If you plan on continuing to build your system to maximize for music, then add one now so you can move to separates when you can afford a good preamp. There are several threads on this if you search for "receiver" and "amp". Good luck.

I have Denon avr2802. My current HT setup is 5.1. I am not very familiar w/ separate setup. However, based on your response, am I to reason that I can use a 2-channel amp to drive my two front speakers while watching a movie in 5.1 setup? Would my AVR use its internal amp to drive the center and rear speakers while it would send different signals to the front speakers, driven by a separate amp? Is that your recommend setup?
Totally man, you sure can do that.

the Denon is a good reciever in the fact it makes it easy to bleed a 2channel system out of your existing HT even if you dont have all the equipment.

You use the amp with the pre-outs on the Denon (if the 2802 has pre-outs) and run the fronts off of the pre-amp.

the beauty is if you want to leave your existing HT setup AS IS and want to get a 2 channel system, you can do it somewhat like the way i plan to do it.

here is the way i plan to build out a 2 channel system out of my HT and eventually seperate them

Currently, i have the Denon 3803, with all 7.1 speakers.

Step 1, buy the speakers for the 2 channel setup. Use these as another zone off the surround back channels. Theyw ill be amplified off the reciever

Step 2) Buy a good amplifier. Then this will power the 2nd zone and the reciever can start powering the surround back channels and go back to its normal 7.1 setup.

Step 3) But a good CD player and some good cables. wish i had that pre-amp already

Step 4) Buy a pre-amp, then i can finally eliminate the Denon 3803 from the 2channel setup, and use the Pre Amp

At that point, i will have totally seperate systems, I will probably continue to keep them somewhat connected so i can use sources off the HT if desired.

The cool thing is before i even have the parts for a real good 2ch system, i will have a 2 channel system that ain't that bad.
i added external amps to the mains of my yamaha rxv1(odyssey mono's)it was a solid improvement, next i will add a pre-amp with ht by-pass, this will give me a killer 2channel system while still using my ht.
thanx for the replies guys. i'm sorry i did not detail my setup and replied late. i have aegis ones for fronts, kef (k series, old ones) for rears, and infinity for center and, of course, a subwoofer. just want to clear matters regarding my options, which are: 1. adding a power amp, with my receiver acting as the preamp (the power amp with audio quality will drive the fronts) or 2. buying a dedicated integrated amp primarily for audio. the $500-700 budget is for the integrated. room is not that big, rectangular 5 x 12 meters. again, thanx...appreciate your response