adding paradigm - which one 7semk3 or monitor 7.v3

I have two pairs of Paradigm 7semk3 and looking to buy either another pair of 7semk3 or monitor 7 v3. What should I do?

I also have Paradigm studio 60 v3 and 5semk3. and have two listening rooms for ht/music. I am thinking matching speakers are great. Also thinking the monitor 7v3 may be ok in a room with the studio 60.
The studio series sound better as you know...
How do you have these speakers set up? Like three pairs of full range speakers running stereo in the same room?
I'm not quite sure of what it is that you're trying to do, but the Monitor series sounds nothing like the Studio series. I really wish they did. I could have saved a whole lot of money.
thanks for responding. I picked up my third pair of 7se mk3 adding to 5se mk3 and studio 60 v3. Both responses were right on.

Yes studio 60 v3 in a totally different class - two impressions - the cabinet construction is amazing solid/structural and the power emitted - well, I will not ever put my ear that close to the tweeter again.

I use Integra's "all channel stereo" quite a lot in one living room-diningroom setup used by children with ps3/music/hometheater. works better in a large space to allow anyone anywhere to hear. Otherwise the massive cc-470 center is just fair in projecting the 26 foot depth.

The other room I use the 7se mk3 as "computer speakers 24" away with a pair of M&K subwoofers. I have a cc-100 which is the match for 7se mk3 but it is useless as a speaker and use an M&K 750 instead - much better. I keep the cc-100 around for other all channel stereo for it's match with the 7se mk3. It has really put in perspective for me how bad the 7se mk3 speakers are reproducing voice. too bad since I still buy into the 7se mk3 mystique for being an amazing speaker. so yeah, decided to stick with it over the monitor 7 v2/v3 - I still wonder about picking up monitor 7 v6 though thinking now studio 20 is going to be the perfect speaker at least for computer speakers.