Adding "Internet radio" to home system

I have a typical component stereo system, of a vintage to include FM radio, but I wanted an easier way to hear internet stations on it than using my laptop. What an FM tuner is to a free-standing "radio", I assumed there would be an "internet radio" equivalent -- that is, an "internet tuner". But I can't find the product I have in mind, which I think would be small and cheap if it existed. As a substitute I'm using the Logitech Squeezebox internet radio. This isn't bad, but its remote cannot change stations, and the only output is the headphone jack rather than a Line Out.

So is there an "internet tuner" being made?

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Cambridge Audio makes a streamer that hooks up to your system as a source component. Has lots of digital/analog inputs. V2 is not what I would call "cheap", but I have the V1 of this model that could probably be found for good prices used.
@mesch Can't say that I know for sure. I'm thinking about getting a NAS and as far as I know it'll play files from there. There is USB input, but I've only hooked up a laptop, haven't tried hard/thumb drives, but maybe I should