Adding Bass To Maggie’s - the DWM in parallel!!

I have been a Maggie fan for over twenty years. Upgraded to the 1.7is three years ago. Run them thru a Krell S550i and use a LUMIN as my source. Am very happy with MQA material sourced via Tidal off the cloud. Finally added a base panel - the DWM - in parallel. The expansion of my bass performance is amazing but my Krell overheats quickly. Added ‘the resistors’ to the DWM to raise the ‘resistive load’ on the Krell. Krell still overheats at high volumes. Should I give up on Maggie’s advice and stop running the DWM in parallel to the 1.7s? What amp do you recommend to push the base panel? How much power is needed. I do not want to burn up my Krell S550i.

That's strange -- the Krells are supposed to be able to drive really low impedances! I think I'd call Wendell Diller at Magnepan and explain the problem. Otherwise, I think any decent Class A/B amp that can put out a couple hundred watts into 4 ohms should work, or even a good Class D. I'm using a Vidar on the low bass panel of my Tympanis, and it works just fine for only $700, but if you're really driving them you might want something bigger like a Parasound A21, which is also a better sounding amp (not that the Vidar is bad or anything) and known for having great midbass. Used they're about $1600, maybe less now that the new model is out.