Adding an ignore list feature to audiogon

Some other forums have an ignore list feature, which I think could be quite helpful and useful here. It allows each individual member to create an ignore list. This is a list of other members whose posts that individual does not wish to see. When members on the list post, it will show that they posted, but the text of their post will not be be displayed. The posts are only hidden for that member, they will show up like normal for all other members (unless they also have the poster on their ignore list)

I believe adding this feature would help reduce conflict and controversy, while still allowing everyone to post freely. It would also make the moderators' job easier. I'm not sure if the forum software audiogon uses supports this feature, but, if it does, they should definitely look into implementing it.


That would take some serious work and revisions for Admin and I doubt they'd even entertain the idea. Also, practically everyone else here will call it some form of censorship which won't go over well. 

I think that with the new tools we have at hand, something like this following an unfavorable comment will suffice:

I've always felt that humor is the best medicine.

All the best,



You really have to get over this, and stop taking criticisms and slights personally. 

Did you know that the Roman thumb up he lives, thumb down he dies is actually historically backward?

Thumb down means " Swords down", or spare the life.

Thumb up means "Swords up", or hack away, boys!

The feature you're proposing would be contributing to polarization. By vanishing those voices or opinions one doesn't like, one tends to become more confirmed in their own views, and this actually pushes groups further out to extremes they might not have gone to before. Here's a good article on this:

"Belief polarization is the cognitive phenomenon by which interactions with like-minded people transform us into more extreme versions of ourselves. To put it another way, when we talk only to others who share our views, we each come to hold more extreme versions of those views. Yes-men, groupthink and echo chambers can radicalize us."

Although some might call it it "censorship", it is not. Censorship is an individual, or smaller group, deciding what a larger group can, or cannot, see. An individual deciding what they want to see, or not see, is freedom. An ignore list feature would promote self-moderation and self-control, thus reducing the moderators' workload. I fully expect that, if the feature were implemented, some would put me on their ignore list, and I'm totally fine with that. It could help them to not respond with impulsive posts they might later regret. The same goes for me.

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"The feature you're proposing would be contributing to polarization."

Like there's not already a bunch of highly polarized people here?! Being tolerant of opposing views is one thing, not wanting to have them shoved down your throat is another.


Wow, I did not know that about Rome/Thumb up-down and was honestly doubtful for a minute - but you are totally correct. Thank you for the history lesson. One of the few times I actually felt smarter after reading through a thread here ;-)

Well anyone could ignore the IGNORE button. Easy fix, I reckon, for those apposed.

A Dyslexic button: everything is backwards

Add a speed reading button. It only shows every 6th word.

Add a Bored button it doubles all the responses.

Add a Stupid button a mirror pop up..:-) 




Part of being tolerant of opposing views is choosing not to respond every single time you see one expressed. If, every time someone expresses an opposing view, you feel the need to respond to/refute it, who is the one being intolerant?

Am I the only one the finds the arguments entertaining? I also remember being taught that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". I guess the age of the internet crusades has reversed that old saying.

I would be happy if the censorship were applied equally. Like, if I said your little needle never find groove, boom, deleted. Girl go banana for big horn?? Boom, deleted! What are you able to get away?  Depends on who you are. 

Polarization? Contributing to polarization? Polar you head out. 

I suppose my point about polarization wasn’t made clearly. I apologize.

@tommylion I think I get your point better, now. Some people are really aggressive and even trolling in their posts, and that’s what an "ignore" button would help with. Have I got that right?

The thing I worry about -- for myself, and for healthy agon, in general -- is that we’re at a point where disagreements or strong opinions are too quickly *taken* for trolling, when it’s not really meant that way.

I learn a lot from folks here who come across as, let’s say, larger-than-life characters. If, on a bad exchange, I chose to "ignore" them in perpetuity, I’d be losing the chance to learn from them in the future and also find ways of making my arguments in ways I don’t normal have to invent.

​​​​@millercarbon  Not following your comment, unless it's a shorthand way of dismissing the phenomenon of polarization. 


Ignoring one poster doesn't mean that you aren't going to still get the flavor of his/her commentary throughout the thread  if others that you haven't de-selected respond to his/her "objectionable" narrative.

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Once more for the hard of understanding ...If you do not like the way the forum is moderated , or set up, the solution for you is an eminently simple one...


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I would prefer a no meme button. And if we had an ignore button I can see @tommylion makimg posts to himself. 

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Based on the OP's thread posting history...never mind.

It's  just an interntet forum.

"not wanting to have them shoved down your throat"

Improve your ignore skill to play in the sandbox. 



My mouse has a scroll feature on it, its a little wheel that some may be able to use with their index finger.  Terrific technology.

Or you may get the administrators of a forum to make coding changes to their free and popular website.  The people who wish to invoke this feature can pay full cost for implementing it.

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Who would have thought that Millennial evolution would morph Lions into mere Shrews 🤔

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Polarization is a thing. Applying double-standards to different people is not helping.

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Easily done, self-serve, no need for others to do it for you:


“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”
― George Bernard Shaw



Medical sciences today owe a lot to Germain’s doctors like Mengele

Using these knowledges was once a big ethical question..


@maxwave you are truly showing your limited mental capacity and or abilty to comprehend what you are reading. Or what I was making reference to.

Enjoy your day.

Oh and I think I would mute you also.




Medical sciences today owe a lot to Germain’s doctors like Mengele

What a repulsive and ignorant statement!   

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«The only person i want to ignore with an "ignore button" is myself»-Groucho Marx🤓


The greatest Greek discovery is "discussion"....


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You are too kind to me...Thanks....

But my posts could be alas! repetitive, heavy, not always clear and simple...

And i like too much discussions, missing the students because i am now retired that i sometimes go too far in the discussion and i interrupt and diverge " at sea" too much...

I know myself... 😁😊

But anybody is FREE to ignore me even without a button....




«Why do you put cotton in your ears in front of your always silent computer brother?»-Harpo Marx

«Because they dont have an "ignore button"»-Groucho Marx 🤓