Adding an expensive power cord to Chip amp

Will I hear a difference
Has anybody connected an expensive power cord to a tripath amp and hear a difference
No flame wars please I think power cords make a big difference in sound not sure if they make as big a difference in tripath amps like Audiosector patek

Opinions appreciated
I've had good responses with moderately priced cords, never tried an expensive one. Have used Audience, Tekline, Transparent.
What's expensive? I get the basic idea of what you are asking but just going by price is no always the best way to go. Espically with cables and power products. The only thing better than a good sounding, expensive power cord is a cheap one that sounds just as good. I looked at your system and something tells me you may get this already. My advice would be to go with sound quality first and worry about the price later.

Some power cables that have worked well for me with amps over the years are ESP Essence, Richard Grey and Shunyata Alpha (various models). That said, I have yet to find a power cable that sounds better than stock cords for my Ayre V5's.

If you are looking to buy cables and haven't tried The Cable Companies demo program, you're really doing yourself a disservice. I can't tell you how valuable that resource has been for me. I wouldn't do cables any other way.
Thanks for the replies
Since i'm new to Chip amps I was wondering if good power cables sound much better then stock cords
My Ridge Street Alethius power cords sounded amazing on my Dodd 120 Tube amps
I'm wondering if I should keep them and use them on my Chip amp integrated
I have been using a LessLoss DFPC Signature on my Audio Research 150.2 Tripath amp for about 3 years now and it made a huge improvement in every area of performance. I also use the standard LessLoss power cords on my Red Dragon M-500 Mono Bloc Class D amps as well. The cords improved the performance of those amps as well. I found that the same power cords didn't seem to help the performance of my Quicksilver V4 Tube amps at all. They actually didn't sound as good as the stock cords. I think that switching amps or Class D amps can benefit greatly from aftermarket PC's and/or line conditioning.
Thanks for your input
Anybody else ?