Adding amp to integrated amp

I am using a new Music Hall A70 integrated stereo amp with my new Martin Logan Vistas. They are 4 ohm speakers that can dip down below 2 ohms. The MH integrated does 185 into 4 ohms and sounds pretty good. But I know ML speakers love power and I could get better control with a larger amp'

The Music Hall has preamps outputs'so would adding a nice amp and using the MH for my preamp improve my sound.

Also would my integrated amps volume control still control my main volume. Thanks for any help.
Since you plan to use your integrated amp's pre-amp section, the answer for your last question is YES.
I cannot answer if your MH preamp is better or power amp section is better. Previous owners or that amp who have experimented can answer that. Or take your amp to a dealer of the power amp and do a test in his system.

I had done the same thing with my NAD integrated. But I had used it's power amp section and replaced the preamp with a TVC. Eventually sold the amp and have the current config. Good Luck.
Martin Logan speakers dip down to fairly low impedances, however, that occurs at high frequencies and it is not an issue for any decent amplifier.
Thanks guys for your time and reply.Bob
I tend to has to triple their power just to obtain a 3db gain..I feel your MH is more than adequate to drive your system...for the record...I did the same experiment in a NAD/Belles system years ago...wasn't the quantum leap I expected...but...YMMV