Adding a Tube amp for bi-amping

So a quick run down on my system.  I have a B&K CS-115 preamp connected to a B&K St-202 ss amp.  This is powering a pair of PSB Image B6 (bi-wire capable) speakers. Additionally I have a REL Strata III sub that is connected. I listen mostly to vinyl or stream from my iMac.  I am thinking of adding a tube amp to power the high end of the speakers and leave the B&K to power the woofer.  Is this a crazy idea?  I have had the B&K's since the early '90's and love them.  It is a very musical and warm for solid state but I would like add a little more warmth and expand the sound stage a little more.  Source components are a Rega RP1 running to a Cambridge Azur phono-pre and anApple Airport Express running to a Cambridge DacMagic 100. 

If this isn't a crazy idea, what amp would you suggest?
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I do not think the PSB Image B6 was designed to be biamped, nor would I expect a speaker system of this size to benefit from biamping.
If you want to bi-amp you will need to use an electronic crossover.
This is what is involved if you decide to bi-amp any speaker.
 If you want tube amplification then get a tube amp and forget about bi-amping!