Adding a subwoofer should be glorious, not obvious

One thing that’s really hard to do is explain in words how a great sub set up sounds.

It does not sound boomy, separate from the main speakers or more likely to annoy the neighbors.

It does make everything sound glorious. Luminous. A sense of the music breathing into the room, not screaming.

Of course, it enables those deep church organs to flap your skirt or pants (wear what you wish, it’s covid), but if you turn it off and you don’t notice a loss of clarity, air and space in most of your recordings maybe you aren’t done yet.


I use Vandersteen subs, and I never had an issue with the subs being 'non-integrated'. The use of a first order crossover is so simple and effective, I don't understand why more sub manufacturers don't use it, as well.
It also frees the amplifier from all the heavy duty lower frequency work.
A, Win/Win'.