adding a sub

i recently purchased paradigm studio 40 v4's. I feel i'll need a sub, possibly 2 small ones. My question is this: my amp has only binding post for right and left channels. My pre only has 1 pre-out. Where do I hook up a sub? If I hook it to 1 channel on either side how does that affect the speakers?amp? I may get 2 small subs just because all of my stuuf has to be symmetrical or I freak out a bit.
Get a sub that will take the L/R RCA outputs and provide L/R high-passed outputs for the input to your amp. There are many.

You should try Rel subs. They have 2 positive connections (right and left) and 1 negative (goes to either black). I think they are absolutely stunning pieces of equipment, highly adjustable and versatile. I also think 2 small ones is better than 1 big one.
What you will find is there are many ways to connect a sub (or a pair of subs). My perfered way is different than Kal's.

I prefer to use subs with speaker level connections - you connect the subs to the same binding posts on the back of your amps (or even the binding posts on the back of the speakers). Just double up the connections.

I prefer subs with variable crossovers that give you crossover frequency options of 30 Hz at a minimum. You'll probably get advice to cross your subs over around 80 Hz. IMHO, that's the best way to hate the sound of subs. For a starting point, multiply that -3 dB down point on your speakers by 0.70 to establish your base crossover frequency of your subs. As always, YMMV.

Also, I prefer subs that give you 0-degrees, 90-degrees and 180-degrees of phase control. IMHO, 2 subs are better than one.
Parts-Express:Dayton Reference drivers and the 240W plate amp.Allows high and low level input and adjustable crossover,level and phase.The 1K ohm/high level input will not effect the impedance that your amp will see.