adding a sub to an old LINN system an owner of an OLD linn system a pretek and powertek and i would like to add a subwoofer.... the only way i see how is on the back of the poweramp where you daisy chain is a line out to the next power amp.... well its not being used so is it safe to run it direct to a SUB....?
i understand i cant take the lower frequencies out of the tukans this way unless a filter is used but will it sound good and not odd?
also i found another powertek amp second hand and i would like to add it to the rig...would i hear THAT much difference with an amp running the top and an amp running the bottom of the tukans?
You can take a Y-Cable and connect it to the Line Out pair on the Powertek. You would then run an IC or Sub cable from the singleton end of the Y-Cable to the sub.

Alternatively, Audioquest makes an RCA Splitter (1M/2F) that you could connect in pairs to the Line Out on the Pretek. You would then connect a Y-Cable to one of the F-pairs on the splitters and then connect and IC to the singleton end of the Y-Cable, which would then run to the sub.

On newer Linn Preamps, there are 2 Line Out pairs. I have a Wakonda, and have a Y-Cable connected to one of the Line Out pairs which, in turn, is connected to a sub. The other Line Out pair is connected to an LK85 amp.
sir! that is verification that im not mad....i was looking the other night and came to a similar conclusion... well explained...thankyou