Adding a SS amp as a 2nd amp for my tube rig has been a plus

I'm really glad to have purchased a solid state amp, used, to go with my tube gear. Just the perfect solution to when I grab a moment or two to listen — that hour between work and dinner, for example. There's not enough time to warm up the the tube amps, but I turn on the tube preamp, turn on the solid state amp, and I'm in business.

I spent about 5:1 for the tube stuff (including the better tubes) relative to the SS amp, but I think spending that small extra portion on a slightly better tube rig wouldn't have gotten me as much.

Sonically, the tube stuff is superior — BUT I get a slightly different angle with the ss gear. For example, some rock sounds better with the solid state. Also nice to have a solid state when I swap different speakers in to try out.

Convenience-wise, I get more listening in to have that ss as a second amp. Most of the time, I just listen to tube, but when I can't make listening an "event", I still find myself listening.

Yes -- some additional costs (extra interconnect, extra speaker cables) but I am not the sort who breaks the bank on those items, so pretty negligible added cost.

For what it's worth. Anyone else done this?
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yes hilde - definitely agree (i am admittedly quite a collector of hifi gear as well being an avid music lover)

having a solid state amp is an excellent change to a tube amp - different presentation, better with different music, emphasizes different aspects of the music, better grip on speakers/woofers

as you know i am sure, a frequent formula for excellent sound is a tubed source or preamp feeding a good solid state power amp, often captures the best of both worlds

another corollary could be extended to higher power tube amps vs lower powered single ended units - they vary in presentation in a very interesting fashion (if you have suitable speakers)

variety is the spice of life, in many respects!
I have much more often read that solid-state gear takes much longer to warm up. In fact, some people keep their solid-state running 24 seven. I typically hear that tube gear takes a maximum of 30 minutes to warm up.
@jjss49 Yes, the low powered tube siren doth summon me to her tropical isle...
I did the same thing this summer - too hot to run my Supratek preamp and DeHavilland GM70 amps, so I bought a used Pass INT-25. I’m using the same cables for each system so I have to switch them out, but that’s easy to do. The price on my SS vs tubes is in the same ballpark, and the audio quality is similar too, although they do differ in some aspects. In my limited comparisons so far, when I run the tubes I like them better, and when I run the Pass SS, I like it better.