Adding a separate amp to AVR?

Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there would be any benefit to me adding a separate SS amp to my Cambridge Audio CXR200 AVR? The AVR is said to produce 170 & 270 wpc into 8 & 4 ohms. The AVR is used for a mix of HT and music, and is driving my Wharfedale Reva-4's (88 sensitivity and 8 ohms). 

The reason I'm asking, is because I do NOT listen my music very loud. Usually, low to moderate levels. 

Thanks for any help! 
No,No benefit UNLESS you add a Tube Amp for stereo listening THEN HUGE Benefits!!!
(1) +1 to the prior Freediver post reply that plunking in a separate power amp to your AVR (any AVR ....) is a lost cause for a 2-channel audio performance step-up.

The AVR is simply not built to compete with a quality build integrated amp ...not even close.. The preamp in AVRs or any receiver is built to its pricepoint., and has tge first major build compromise with its limitations, and warts. The power amps in any receiver is similarly trapped in a build compromise: there is only so much you can cram into a mass-produced comparatively lightweight unibox.

FWIW , check out my prior post on the head-to-head performance shootout between the prior very- top end CAMBRIDGE AVR and quality- build 2-channel components as part of my 2-channel / 7.1 HT options.

(2) What I strongly disagree with in the prior reply post is that a tube amp will necessarily best a quality- build SS amp. Nada chance.