Adding a second turntable

I want to add a second TT to my system and am using a Audio Research LS25 Line stage preamp with a AR PH3 SE Phono Preamp. Do they make a A/B switchbox that I can put between my phono preamp and the two turntables so I can select which TT to play and don't have to keep changing cables when I want to change TT's.
Dear Bvak: Why not a second tonearm instead a second TT? can your TT handle two tonearms?

A/B switchbox?, you can do it but you will degrade the quality of the signal and of course the quality sound reproduction.

Regards and enjoy the music.
You can get an ABX Comparator so you can do your own double blind tests.:)
I use an LS 25 but switched out the PH3 for an Aesthetix Rhea which alllows up to 3 tables (or arms) in. You can pre-set the load for each and switch by remote, allowing quicker access to your other arm/cartridges - vis a vis multiple arm wands. As Raul notes, 1 table w/multiple arms and a Rhea gets you to the same place.

BTW the Rhea sounds quite different frm the ARC - your preference will surely turn on the balance of your system.