Adding a second set of 5.1 analog cables


Could anyone please tell me how to connect a second multichannel component through a set of analog 5.1 cables to my B&K ref 50 processor? The problem is that the processor only has one set of inputs and are already connected to a DVD/audio.
Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Zektor makes and external MCA switcher

O/W you are stuck with one unless (with a few exceptions)
how about those Y adapters from radio shack? would they work?
Would this work?
I read somewhere that splitter can cause loss of volume even if one of the mchines is switched off. did anyone experience such a thing?
No to Y cables. If you accidentally have both inputs "on", you may have problems...
My solution, buy a new DVD that will double for CD also.
''My solution, buy a new DVD that will double for CD also''

I can't because the idea is to hook up toshiba hd-xa2 through analog 5.1 for hd audio. the problem is that I have already connected a sacd/dvd-audio to the only available inputs on the preamp.
I really don't want to add another (switch) box. any other solution?

Meridian 861 can have multiple 5.1 analog inputs, and is an amazing pre/pro
99i personally use one and couldn't be much happier!)

Mark Levinson ML 40 also can have multiple 5.1 in's

Otherwise you are looking for and external switcher, Zektor as I said makes one, EMM labs makes the switchmaster which is a MC switching preamp but would be much more than you likely want.