Adding a second arm to a Rega P3-24, Question.

First a follow up. A few months back I posted about a getting a new table. Lots of great advice and feedback. In the end I got a darn good deal on a dealer disc. Rega P3-24. I've had it for a few months now and have come to enjoy its musicality and simple clean set up. I have a Denon Dl-110 put on it. Nice synergy IMO.

I as just thinking. I have a second table fitted with a Grado Mono cartridge and the table is a good condition vintage JVC QL-A5. But what about buying another tonearm likely a Rega RB-300/301/303 and mounting it on the back left side of the P3-24 plinth to then run the mono cartridge? Surely it would fit, but I wonder if or how it may affect the sound or such of the P3-24?

I mean it would be a rather easy mount and as such would allow me to run my Denon stereo cart and my Grado mono cart all on one table.

Anybody done this to their Rega's? Any further thoughts?

Thanks in advance
Well, it would put the TT into the modified and not saleable catagory.
The TT you have is a entry level TT. I doubt anyone would have added a second arm to such a cheap TT.
The usual two arm TTs are expensive ones, where buying a second TT of that caliber would be prohibitive.
I would just go with your first idea of buying a second TT for mono.
Taking a closer look a second arm probably would not fit properly on the deck. The P3-24 is a rather diminutive deck. As to Elizabeth's response, I agree with her that doing such would limit resale and though I do not consider a P3-24 as a "cheap" turntable, when one spends $1000 and up on a turntable cheap it ain't. I will view your "cheap" word as a term for a "less pricy" unit. Entry level it is not either. Entry level tables to which we have many good ones available today would be decks in the $300-$700 range in my books. Tables from say $700-$1500 would be step up models.
Well I wouldn't go as far as calling your table cheap as the entry level Rega's offer nice value for an "inexpensive" buy in.

Rather than as Elizabeth said making it less saleable on the used market should you choose to upgrade at some time in the future, you may consider this. Instead of buyng another arm similar to what you already have, simply purchase a new arm with a replaceable headshell. Buy another headshell and mount your mono cartridge to it.

Then you need only swap out the headshell and make minor necessary adjustment. You will gain a better arm and upgrade for using both cartridges in one step.

I used an armpod for my second arm on my Kuzma because there was no sufficient place on the left back side. I think that Rega 301 is more suitable for your case because this one has a surface mount (=3 small holes). Try for the best price for this Rega.
Yes, I was thinking after more careful looking at the P3-24 plinth that maybe fabricating a solidly mounted armpod that would all me to affix an arm in a suitable way as a thought. Doing this would save rack space in not having to have a 2nd table... Meh it's all just a thought right now.