Adding a SACD player

I want to add an Oppo universal player to my system which includes all Bel Canto electronics. This is strictly for sacds that for right now I play just listening to the redbook layer. My question is regarding the connection to my BC 3.5 DAC, which also doubles as my preamp. I'm confused as to whether I should use a digital or an analog connect. Will the sacd layer be passed thru using the digital or do I need to go the analog route. Also, which dac would actually be utilized, the dac in the Oppo or the BC dac. Thanks
I recall that Bel Canto DAC3.5's analog input is actually converted to digital internally which is how it can also handle volume control (all digital).

(yeap just checked.. I was right)

"a 24/192 ADC analog input"

If you use the SPDIF output from the Oppo, it would only work in 16/44 for CDs.

SACDs are encoded in DSD and the Oppo does not transmit DSD over SPDIF because of copy protection.

Even for copy protected DVDAs and BD (including Pure Audio BluRays), the SPDIF output is crippled to a max of 48kHz, even if the source is in 96 or 192kHz.

The Oppo does decode up to 24/192 using its internal DACs.
The Oppo does decode up to 24/192 using its internal DACs.

The new Oppo BDP-105 Darbee decodes DSD via USB input from computer files such as HD downloads.

It 's capable of playing SACD but as you say, the decoding is internal and delivered via RCA jacks as analog.
SACD - not worth the trouble.
I don't know what Stingreen's system is but I have had similar sentiments in the past - I remember borrowing a few SACDs from friends when I got the PS3 and to be honest, I didn't know what the fuss was about.

Fast forward a couple of years later and I got a Marantz SA8003 and I have to say there was a small but appreciable difference over CDs. And then I heard the EMM Labs TSD/DAC2 and I ended up getting the replacement XDS1 after I sold my car. It was seriously a game changer.

I've been buying new and old SACDs as quickly as I can find them and I have noticed invariably they sound better than the CD versions. One could argue that the SACDs may have better mastering etc and it might even be true. But it does demonstrate it's worth buying the SACD versions if I can afford to and can find somewhere selling them.

I recently got JRiver and I've found that it has this mode that allows all my computer audio to be up sampled to DSD/DSD2x and I've found that the conversion improves the SQ a fair bit in my system (Playback MPS5 DSD DAC) and it sounded better than Audirvana Plus/Pure Music/Amarra.

Maybe there's something about the DSD process that gives it a more analogue feel.
There is, and it has been written about extensively. Less processing, one filter, fewer parts and a simpler more analog waveform. One bit processing is very pure and simple to implement. Almost all new DAC's are including DSD and or DSD over PCM (DoP) playback.
Doggiehowser...I have an Ayre C5xemp....sometimes the SACD is better, but not often. Redbook CD's are sometimes surprisingly good
Stan (Stringreen) ... please pull some of threads on this topic. I agree with you last post.

As of late, I have been buying so called "hi-rez" redbook CD, e.g., "Gold" quality, and have been quite surprised by just how satisfying a musical experience hi-rez redbook can provide. I also bought a batch of classical music redbook CDs from a member a couple of months ago. I don't think the CDs are "hi-rez" but sound pretty darn good anyway.
I haven't heard the C5XEMP but I have demo-ed the DX5 in my system and IMHO the SACD shows a good improvement over CDs in that system.

I'm not dismissing CDs of course. And I also go for good pressings/mastering CDs which sometimes can cost more than SACDs :) but if there's an SACD available, I'll look for it.
So I guess in my situation, would I have to connect the oppo directly to the amps, and then switch from xlr on the back of the amps, to rca, in order to hear the sacd layer?
Not quite.

Check that your power amps really have dual inputs. Very few do.

In most cases, the XLR and RCA are connected directly to the same input on the power amp - the switch merely changes the way ground is connected. If that's the case, having both XLR and RCA connected means both are active simultaneously. And even if you power one down, it means the other's acting as an antenna or creating all sorts of weird impedance values.

You might want to look at getting a good analog preamp into the mix.

The DAC3.5VB II IMHO outclasses the company's Pre3 (have not tried their Pre3VB) so you might have to spring for a better preamp. I'd recommend having an audition of the Ayre KX5/KXR or the Audio Research Reference 5SE, both of which I found to have good synergies with the Bel Canto.
Thanks Doggie, I'm sure glad I asked before I jumped on buying a uni player. I just figured since I've been accumulating a lot of hybrid sacds lately, mainly for the better mastering(Mobile Fidelity, Audio Fidelity), that I would take advantage of the hi-rez layer at not too steep a price. I will enjoy what I have for now.
Yes, I've been buying a whole lot of SACDs recently as well.

Next one on my list is Belafonte at Carnegie which is due for a re-release. Finally!! I also have that vinyl on order.
Okay, I'm still not quite giving up on this. One possible workaround, albeit a bit of a hassle, is maybe once a month I'll disconnect the dac from the amps, then connect the uni player directly to the amps. Then I will commence with Hi-Rez week! :)) Would that work?
The Oppo can output HR music (PCM) over SPDIF if the media it's playing does not have copy protection. So that means it can stream 24/192 files from a USB HDD and can send that to the Bel Canto.

So you only really need to do this with SACDs and BluRays.