Adding A Remote to a Pre-Amp

Is it possible to retrofit and preamp with a remote control? I know I could just buy a new preamp, but preamps with MCMM phono sections are pretty rare and pricey.

I had the same problem when I had a CAT preamp, the CAT is one of the best preamps available but no remote. I purchased a remote from Placette Audio(passive) and it was a perfect match with the CAT. Guy Placette is easily accessible and helpful. Go to or call him toll free at 1-888 765-3330. Good luck.
I don't think it would be practical to install a motor for the volume control for a number of reasons. Probably most importantly, you have to be very careful how you would hook up the motor power supply as it can cause major noise problems if not done just right.

More sensible would be to get a Creek OBH-10 passive preamp (used around $200??) Put your pre outs into the Creek ins and the Creek outs into the amp. Turn up the volume control on your preamp all the way (0 dB attenuation) and you can now use the Creek as a remote controllable volume control. It might add an extra path for the signal, but the Creek is very well done, and it would be much better than anything a pro with a soldering iron could do.

I won't give an opinion regarding feasibility or sound effect/quality, not having used it, but Audio Electronic Supply (subsidiary of Cary) offers a remote control kit for preamps for around $200. Just call or e-mail. They are great folks to work with and very quick with help and suggestions. Good luck!
i would suggest contacting Michael Percy that might have in stock servo-remote-controlled stepped attenuator with 120steps 0.5db(only for your volume control!). watch $$$.
The Creek mentioned above is worth a try. The circuit gets out of the way when no remote signal is present, so it is like having nothing there at all. It's so passive, it's really just a volume control .
I'm using a Creek (OBH-12 actually) with my
ARC SP-6B. I tried placing it between the
preamp and amp and was NOT happy with the result.
However, placing it in the tape loop worked
like a charm. I don't use a tape machine, so
it was perfect for me.
Thank you everyone for your ideas and information. This place never fails to fill-in the many gaps in my knowledge.