Addiction to Brand

Many of smokers get addicted to certain brand and would never switch to any other sigarettes.
I have the same story with Aerial speakers and Lyra cartridges.
I can only upgrade to better Aerial speaker and better Lyra cartridge.
Anybody else has this kind of addiction?
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No although it would take a great no killer deal on something else to replace my Dynaudio C1's or Octave V70SE. OK maybe yes with those two.
Vandersteens for me. From original 2Cs to model 3 upgraded to 3A and then to 3A Signature
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You'd better run and hide. The Linnies are gonna lynch ya :-)
And maybe the Krellians too!

Brands I am addicted to:

Conrad Johnson
Harmonic Technologies
Cambridge Audio



Krell ;-)
I have to admit - Aerial speakers. Owned 5s, then 7b, then 6, moved away from the brand, now back to 5's. You'll have to pry them from my cold dead hands. Nothing matches an Aerial tweeter.

Musical Fidelity
JM Reynaud
Vintage Tube - H H Scott
Conrad Johnson
I'm with you on the Aerials - love my 7b's...
Pretty hooked on my Classe stuff too.

Um, kind of a Linnie too, but don't currently have any of it.

I used to love my little Sima PW3000 integrated - that company is now Simaudio and I could see myself going back to that should the Classe ever die.
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Yes, definitely! I'm a fan of amps made by Nelson Pass, or any one who worked with him in the past, especially, Michael Bladelius. I also like Conrad Johnson, MBL, Basis, Benz Micro, Martin Logan, and Ariel speakers.... but all of it better be wired with TARA Labs RSC cables.
Unfortunately the brand I am hooked on, Meadowlark Audio, is long out of business. Have owned 6 pairs of Meadowlarks and most recently got a good deal on a pair of Shearwater Hot Rods. I had a pair a few years ago but sold them when we moved. Loving them again, even more now that I have a room that accommodates them.
Well, addicated is way too strong a word in my case, but here are the manufacturers that I currently look to first when I get the urge to upgrade:

( ) = Equipment I currently own

Analog Equipment:



ASR Audio Systeme
Audio Research
EMM Labs
(Resolution Audio)


Avalon Acoustics
Sonus Faber


Jena Labs

And yeah, I know, my cabling list is too short. But I just have not gotten too much into auditioning cables, even though I know I should.

My two cents worth anyway.
Not an addiction but, I really like the mid 1960's Sylvania JAN 6SN7 WGTA tube. I have not found a better sounding tube for my Rouge Tempest II Magnum, believe me, I've tried dozens of brands!!

Apart from your dislike, what is the commnon denominator for the brands on your last list, please?
Some of the makes I swear by have already been lovingly mentioned, but these haven't:
Apogee Digital
Well Tempered Labs
Marantz. Brought my first unit pre amp fifty years ago. Nothing can shake my Marantz addiction. Well, maybe Cayin, my latest addiction. But I still have many Marantz units, mostly the Estoric series.
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green mountain audio (I don't own GMAs at the moment, so perhaps I a rehabbed gma addict, but i still get the cravings)
When it comes to tubes, I'm a fan of old Amperex, Siemens & Telefunken... as well as new production SED power tubes.

When it comes to electronics, I enjoy and trust Aesthetix, McIntosh & Conrad Johnson.

I love my Harbeth M-40.1 speakers. I like & have owned many Dynaudio speakers (Audience, Contour & Confidence lines).

I avoid SimAudio, Musical Fidelity and YBA.
Electronics wise I'm mad about McCormack. My absolute dream system would be all McCormack taken to the Ultra Platinum level. If possible all ICs would be McCormack Wonderlinks too. I'd have a McCormack Ultra Platinum SST-1 -> Ultra Platinum DAC-1 -> Ultra Platinum TLC-1 -> pair of Ultra Platinum DNA .5 or DNA-1 monoblocks depending on the speakers. That would be sonic heaven for me.

The dream system for the basement would be all Kavent. I have mostly Kavent in my main system right now and am very happy with them.

Speaker wise I'm addicted to KEF.

Subwoofers: Velodyne

Other amp favorites are: Nelson Pass Threshold, Pass Labs

Digital player favorites: higher end Pioneer Elite

I don't have exposure to the more expensive brands mentioned above so these are my addictions right now.
I am not familiar well with many brands and have no addiction to any but I do like Lamm, Rowland, Nottingham, Purist Audio, Custom Power Cord Co. and better Nakamichi decks.
It's Proac speakers for me.
In practice, Jadis. Own three of their integrateds.

In theory, Audio Note. Every time I hear their stuff, I feel like I'm closer to music than with most any other brand I've come across. While I own an AN CD player, given my enthusiasm, you'd expect me to go the whole hog.