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My answer to that, unfortunately, is nothing! My CD/DVD player is broken down, once again, by the use by McIntosh of a crappy Denon transport mechanism (from a 2930).

The parent company, DNM Holdings, dictated its use. So my MVP 871 is out of service, until I can find a new transport. Second time in three years.

My turntable hasn't broken down, even though it's nearly 50 years old. How many CD players will still be going strong 50 years from now? None, I would venture to say.

I just thought I'd vent a little, but the truth is, with the right record, vinyl does sound better. And, it still works. There. I've said it.

Happy New Year,
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You answered your own question, in 50 years none. Digital media is evolving quickly and cd's are becoming obsolete I recently got into computer audio and could not be happier. It is not the future it is now. Does vinyl sound great? Yes is does it is a pain in the a$$ yes, don't bother fixing your CD player it won't even be a garage sale item in 5 years.
Ya, just like LP's were dead 20 years ago. Keep spinning as many of us will keep spinning.
Vinyl is always my #1 source, but computer audio has definitely come a long
way. There are (finally) really nice sounding USB DACs in the 2K-3K range -- no
moving parts there, and it's really very enjoyable sonically, even if you have a
high-end analog rig. I've got a NAD M51 and Eximus DP-1, and can recommend

Just ditch Mac digital sources and their crappy transports -- and let them know
that you find their cost/quality compromises unacceptable.