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My answer to that, unfortunately, is nothing! My CD/DVD player is broken down, once again, by the use by McIntosh of a crappy Denon transport mechanism (from a 2930).

The parent company, DNM Holdings, dictated its use. So my MVP 871 is out of service, until I can find a new transport. Second time in three years.

My turntable hasn't broken down, even though it's nearly 50 years old. How many CD players will still be going strong 50 years from now? None, I would venture to say.

I just thought I'd vent a little, but the truth is, with the right record, vinyl does sound better. And, it still works. There. I've said it.

Happy New Year,
You answered your own question, in 50 years none. Digital media is evolving quickly and cd's are becoming obsolete I recently got into computer audio and could not be happier. It is not the future it is now. Does vinyl sound great? Yes is does it is a pain in the a$$ yes, don't bother fixing your CD player it won't even be a garage sale item in 5 years.
Ya, just like LP's were dead 20 years ago. Keep spinning as many of us will keep spinning.
Vinyl is always my #1 source, but computer audio has definitely come a long
way. There are (finally) really nice sounding USB DACs in the 2K-3K range -- no
moving parts there, and it's really very enjoyable sonically, even if you have a
high-end analog rig. I've got a NAD M51 and Eximus DP-1, and can recommend

Just ditch Mac digital sources and their crappy transports -- and let them know
that you find their cost/quality compromises unacceptable.
I have the same perspective as Bill(Grannyring). Depending on the quality of your CD player/system, CDs can sound marvelous.Some people are quick to write off Redbook CD but so much(as always) is determined by implementation.As a former hardcore analog advocate, yes records can sound superb when set up(and the vinyl quality)is good.There are bad sounding analog front ends as well.Both mediums can sound good or poor depending on what you have configured.If I couldn't get the organic sound and music's emotion from CD I wouldn't bother with it. Fortunately I do. Dan, I believe your fine system deserves a higher quality transport to get better sound quality from your CDs.
Not exactly ...not all CDPs be R.I.P in 50 years

Some of the ultra high-end CD/DAC brands (e.g. REGA ISIS) have two more identical unique matched serial number replacement parts ( including matched serial # new transports) set aside at REGA reserved only and specifically for every one made to ensure unit long-term longevity and service continuity.

That is assuming that Rega is still in business in 50 years.
I already got problem with my cd transport, I listen mainly vinyl lp and haven't been convinced by the demo of computer audio.I have the spare parts and my lenco will work perfectly in 50 years (me not)
The only demo of computer audio I enjoyed was made by peter McGrath, with opera that he registered himself with his proprietary system.
Onkyo has a very interesting CD player, the C-7030. Some people hate it, more people love it. I suggest listening to see if it meets with your expectations. At its price (<$200 at it's hard to pass.
Charles, Bill, et al,

The MVP 871 is actually a very fine sounding player, especially with the modifications done on it. Had I known about the transport problem, I would have never bought it.

I have a sizable collection of multi-channel audio discs, or else I would ditch the thing entirely, there's also the matter of losing my investment in the McIntosh.

I have no intention or desire to do the computer audio thing. I HATE computers. I wanted to die without ever having one. There are times when I wish I had. Without one, though, life became like living like a mushroom, in the darkest part of the cellar.

I did manage to find a replacement transport, I hope it arrives soon so I can install it, and get back to my lazy digital ways when I feel like it.

You are right Charles, Redbook CD's can sound very good. If it didn't, I certainly wouldn't have wasted time and money on it, nor do I think most of us would have done.

Anyway, best of the new year to all,
Good for you Dan! Perhaps you can find one or two more and store them!
I agree 1,000,000% with you and your feeling about computers as they relate to music. I have enough of them at work etc.....Give me those discs and let me relax.
And smartphones are for stupid people.
CD has it's place.For me the Car.
My feelings towards computers are the same as yours and Bill. I have to use them in my work all day and every day, so I'm comfortable with them, but I don't like them. I want them no where in my audio system. I've heard numerous computer front ends and I simply did not find them superior sounding. Bill went deep into computers for quite a long while and then finally got rid of them.he's a happier man now. To each their own with these choices as long as you enjoy your music.
Take care,
Happy New Year Dan...sorry to hear about your transport problem. Had similar trouble with a Denon laser mechanism which only lasted 2.5 years on one of their own brand upmarket players. Oddly enough it seems the more expensive the player the more likely we are to get issues. The bog standard universal players I've had lasted at least 10 years.
By way of contrast my old Nakamichi 600 cassette deck is still going strong at nearly 40 years old. While not by strict definition hifi it does not wow or flutter and is still running all its original mechanical parts. Not even so much as a belt has been replaced.
The Nak is currently helping me to salvage a pre-recorded tape collection. I now have quite a few classical classics stored on the Hard Drive with hundreds more to go, so the concern is that my tape machine gives up the ghost before completion of the project. :O
Initially I was pricing CD versions on the net but gave up after discovering that many were unobtainable and those that could be obtained were e.g. £164 new or £80+ used. :O
Compared with 20p for a writable optical disc it makes the tapes well worth recovering. ;^)
(It's one of those retirement projects ;^)

Best regards
Charles, you have hit the nail on the head. It doesn't matter how we fulfill our listening requirements, as long as it's done in an ethical manner.

So many ways to Nirvana!

If you want a well built transport, look at Esoteric. They're pretty expensive, but can be found used.
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