ADD-Pwr Review

This mini review is not only about the Sorcer 4 but also the great customer service from a well-known Audio dealer; The Tweek Geek.

After reading this thread, I was really curious about ADD-Pwr products. I own a Symphony Pro from a decade or more ago that works ok but... Now there are new products. I read a couple of the online reviews but I was not sure about spending $4000 for what I thought to be basically a tweak. (even with a money back guarantee).

I contacted Mike from Tweek Geek and he had a demo unit that he was willing to send. In a few days the demo arrived but it was labeled Magnifi Tech. From what I learned this was an earlier iteration of the Sorcer. I must add that more dealers (like Tweek Geek) should provide demo units. Especially for those of us on the fence.

I noticed some criticism on this thread that I would like to address first. The chassis appearance; it looks fine to me. Transformer hum?  I cannot hear any conceivable hum from the unit. Looking at the insides there is no special crystals or magic paste inside. Just transformers, electronics and what appears to be settable digit settings.

Well, since receiving the unit, I have been amazed by the change in my system sound quality.  People, this is not a tweak but a huge system upgrade! Music takes on a very real personality. By that I mean it no longer sounds like a recording but actual live music! Vocals and instruments are so real sounding! There is a rightness to sound, call it analog, or organic but boy does my system sound good!  I am 66 years old and a classic rock fan, I have listened to that music for decades.  I can truly say that those familiar recording sound so much better, very resolved and very real. Hard to believe, mighty impressive!

The Sorcer X4 is way better than any power conditioner, power cord, footers, room treatments that I have ever tried! And believe me I have tried many, many, so many… I noticed even more of an improvement than when I added the Audioquest Niagara 7000! BTW, I am using both products concurrently so perhaps there is synergy. I have been told that placement of the unit affects the way it performs. I just found a spot in the middle of my rack and plopped it there. Later, I may change its location, but I can’t imagine the sound getting anything better. I have it plugged into the same dedicated outlets (Furutech NCF) that my Niagara is plugged into. I also have a Synergistic Research grounding block plugged into that same quad box.

So, I had to have one.  I have placed an order for the Sorcer X4 and it is now in transit. I should get it sometime next week. In the meantime, I still have the demo to use.

To all who read this, I’m not getting anything thing out of posting this information, just sharing my opinion.

If you contact The Tweek Geek perhaps Mike will have me send the demo unit to you when I get my new one.