Add Preamp to Berning ZH270

My gear has VPI TNT6-HR table and JMW 12.5 arm, Transfiguration Temper W cartridge, Manley Steelhead phono pre, Berning ZH270 amp connected directly to the phono pre, Merlin VSM-MX with super bam, Cardas Golden Reference ICs and Golden Cross speaker cable.

My room is 500sqft*9ft(high).

Usually I turn the Berning's volume control to 10 to 10.5 o'clock and turn the Steelhead volume to the highest. When I listen, I always feel that the BASS is shy.
I want to try to add a preamp to see whether the BASS can be impoved. I can add either a passive or an active pre, i.e. Placette or Joule LA150.
Anybody have tried this and what are the results?
Any suggestions?
Hi Hzhu1920, have you tried the volume control at 1PM-2PM on the Berning and then use the pre-amp to adjust the volume, if the ZH-270 you have has the stepped attenuator, meaning that it clicks as you turn the volume, you will want to turn the knob to 3 or 4PM on this amp, please try this, assuming that you are using low feedback, if medium or normal you can turn the volume up much more on the ZH-270.
If you are going to the Stereophile show, the ZH-270 with the Steelhead will be in room 381.
I'll be more than happy to call you and discuss this and see what tubes you are using and how old they are and more.

David Berning Co
i use the placette 3 input passive with my berning, using a half meter interconnect. dynamics and bass are outstanding, though my system was not bass shy to begin with, and the berning sound is preserved.
i tried the placette after running my source directly into the berning for a while, and kept the placette. the most noticeable difference in my system was more detail retrieval and superior soundstage, both probably attributable to the superior volume control in the placette.
with placette's money back trial period, you may want to try it.
An active preamp will be a much better match. Try turning up the Berning's volume to ~2:00. Also try it all the way up.
Make sure that your BAM's charged if you have it in battery mode.
Run your BAM in the tape loop of the preamp for fullest sound. Enjoy!
i just borrowed my friends EMOTIVE sira. sounds really nice with the BERNING..
Try other cables than Cardas Golden Reference ICs or Golden Cross speaker cable. I recommend you to at least try Stereovox LSP/SEI.