ADD-POWR Wizard/Sorcer vs Puritan Audio Labs PSM136/156

I was fortunate to get a used Wizard at a great price recently and like the low noise floor that I’m experiencing with my system. I pretty much stream my music via Qobuz and Tidal and have both solid state and tube amps I like to use. I had no issues I was trying to get rid of when acquiring the Wizard so it’s just for pure audio enjoyment I ask this question about the two company’s mentioned.

Has anybody had the chance to experience both the ADD-POWR Wizard or Sorcer and the Puritan PSM136 or 156 in their system and was there a significant difference? Price wise the Wizard at msrp is at around the 156 with the 136 being several hundred below and the Sorcer at msrp is about twice the price of the 156. Just curious to see if anybody has any thoughts on the two and what similarities or differences there might be.
The sorcer is not a conditioner, the Puritan is a conditioner.  Very different products.
Well, I realize they’re different products and can probably be used in conjunction with each other although one might defeat the purpose of the other. With the Wizard being in the same price ballpark as the 136/156 you can keep your existing power strip/conditioner with however many receptacles you need, as the Wizard affects everything on that circuit. While the 136/156 only affects the 6 components you plug into it, but that may be enough. ADD-POWR likes to call their products “harmonic resonators” but I like to think it’s trying to accomplish the same thing as a conditioner in providing a more enjoyable listening experience.

Just seeing if people have had experience with both, as rare as that probably is.
This comes close....
I bought two AddPower pluggins and the the increase in clarity along with an ease of presentation was noticeable.

Recently put in a Puritan 156 on my front end components and am very happy. Quieter and offers much greater clarity than the Shunyata Hydra 6 & 8 it replaced. Measures much quieter with my Alpha Labs EMI meter.

Thanks for the post. I replaced several High Fidelity mc-0.5's with the ADD-POWR ElectraClear plug in's as I enjoyed their musicality more which led me to wanting to try the Wizard. Nice to know the Puritan psm156 and the plug in's work well together. If I had a concern about the Puritan it would be it might things a little sterile but good to know that's not the case.
@t_ramey ,.

I use to have 8 of the MC-05s. After acquiring two PPT Omega Mats, I realized the PPT stuff didn't gel with the High Fidelity stuff. Got rid of the 05s.
I agree with you regarding having better sound with the AddPower.
Depends on what you're looking for with the sound.  I tried Add-Powr Sorcer and didn't like the effect it had.  Expanded the stage but had a blurring effect at the same time.  Took it out and the clarity returned.  At least in my system.
The Sorcer is compatible with other power conditioners with the exception of AC power re-generators, such as the PS Audio products.
In this case, the Sorcer must be plugged only into a standard wall outlet.
Only in this case will its full effect be of greatest benefit.
I have a PS P3 and I can say without question that plugging the Sorcer into it is a serious degrade! (Glare in the highs and blurred mids, lows cut off). I quickly re-plugged into the wall outlet and all order was restored.