ADD-Powr by Coherence Systems --- Power Conditioning Products

Recent research into power conditioning approaches and products brought ADD-Powr to my attention. This company, and it’s products, were previously unknown to me.

The company, Coherence Systems, is based in Santa Monica, CA. and has been in business for some time.

An introduction and general overview can be found within their ’About Us’ page:

Nordost (in 2008) purchased the QRT technology that these folks developed.

Bill Stierhout is the proprietor / owner and the brains behind the ADD-Powr product line.
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I will be following avidly David.
Happy with The Gate but you never know what "the next big thing" is ever going to be.
Hi Robert. Thank you. A number of members requested bringing the thread back!

I’ve been troubleshooting one of my primary components which has made for a less than stable system. Once things stabilize, I will dig deeper into the questions you pose.

There was a significant difference between the ’base’ power cord I used first and the Triode Wire Labs ’Obsession’ PC.

Isolation will also reap rewards. I am currently using Herbie Giant Gliders under a TAOC platform. The Sorcer X4 sits on three SR MIG 2.0s in the "Pin Point Soundstage Configuration" on top of the TAOC platform. There is an upside, but less so than that with the Power Cable change.

I imagine your solution of Ingress Engineering RollerBlocks, a platform of slate (between), and then Springs (ala Geoff Kait) supporting the slate would be a smart one to try out.

Ozzy has reported favorably on this area as well.

Both the Power Cord and the Isolation / Resonance Control efforts result in the typical upsides associated with such changes (at least, based on my experiences with both over time and applications).

HOWEVER, AND IMPORTANTLY, the most positive result is to simply bring the Sorcer into one’s system (irrespective of power cables or isolation).
Regarding positioning, I think this is so system, component setup, rack/console, power outlet / power line dependant that I will simply advise to test placement and positioning for yourself.

My unit was inside the wood console (i.e. covered) initially. All my components sit in open areas of the same console or on the floor in front. Moving the Sorcer X4 to the top of the console brought additional gains, which I categorize as subtle. I’ve chosen to keep it in this position (vs. inside the console).

Note: I used the same outlet for the above evaluations. It is a SR Blue Duplex with the other outlet feeding my SR PowerCell. In other words, I have not tried placement elsewhere in the power line.
Many thanks, David, for re-starting the thread.
I strongly believe that there is no accessory product out there that can improve the quality of musical sound to the degree to which the Sorcer does. It is truly remarkable!
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