ADD-Powr by Coherence Systems --- Power Conditioning Products

Recent research into power conditioning approaches and products brought ADD-Powr to my attention. This company, and it’s products, were previously unknown to me.

The company, Coherence Systems, is based in Santa Monica, CA. and has been in business for some time.

An introduction and general overview can be found within their ’About Us’ page:

Nordost (in 2008) purchased the QRT technology that these folks developed.

Bill Stierhout is the proprietor / owner and the brains behind the ADD-Powr product line.
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@ozzy  I haven't posted your findings since you are active on the forum. Feel free to post your detailed experience with your Sorcer.
After your initial thread crashed and burned I believe Ozzy created his own thread on this subject over in tech talk I think.
Kevin, I have the new SR Galileo PowerCell SX in for evaluation. It will be interesting comparing it on it's own versus paired with the Sorcer X4.

Thanks for reconstituting your original thread.

Have you had time yet to try different power cords and what were your findings?

Have you experimented with seismically isolating the unit and what worked best? Ozzy has found using springs as opposed to spikes, helps, which doesn’t surprise me since spikes tend to couple.

Also I was wondering if the location of the Sorcer made much difference?

I will be following avidly David.
Happy with The Gate but you never know what "the next big thing" is ever going to be.