ADD-Powr by Coherence Systems --- Power Conditioning Products

Recent research into power conditioning approaches and products brought ADD-Powr to my attention. This company, and it’s products, were previously unknown to me.

The company, Coherence Systems, is based in Santa Monica, CA. and has been in business for some time.

An introduction and general overview can be found within their ’About Us’ page:

Nordost (in 2008) purchased the QRT technology that these folks developed.

Bill Steirhout is the proprietor and the brains behind the ADD-Powr product line.

The product line is listed here:

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I decided to give their SORCER X4 conditioner a go (Coherence offers a 30-day money back guarantee).

I currently use an Akiko Audio Corelli Passive Power Conditioner. I also use a PI Audio Power Supply and a SR PowerCell 12 UEF SE Conditioner/Supply.

Here are two reviews of the Sorcer (x4 by Tweak Geek. x2 by Tom Gibbs / Positive Feedback).

Sorcer x4:

Sorcer x2:

I misspelled Bill's name. It is Stierhout. Bill Stierhout.

$375-$4K for a box you plug in, and that's it? Oh and I see there is an IEC outlet so, naturally better to put an aftermarket cord(another expense) than use the stock cord right? 

Maybe  start with their $75 wall thingy, realize you can't hear any difference, so spending on the bigger box wil do whatever it does? 

"harmonize" the sound?...uh sure. I suppose it has its place like every other audio tweak. I heard the Nordost QRT stuff as one of those things I had the squint my eyes and convince myself it was doing its "thing"

Perhaps it's all in ones own power situation?

I do have full Nordost cabling and AC regen. Yes, i'm also a user of audio voodoo.
To each his or her own.

I’m receptive to the pro-audio implementations, for example these guys and their openness to trying and using Bill’s product.

"Father and son team Bernie and Dale Becker have over 50 years combined experience in the audio engineering and mastering business, working with clients of all genres and styles, including Neil Diamond, Macklemore, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, RuPaul, Natalie Cole, mixer Tony Maserati, David Archuleta, JJ Hairston, and many others."

There is no downside (for me), other than not trying.
Thanks for the information. I currently use some Akiko Audio products and am very impressed.
The product really interests me even though, for the cost I'd expect a higher quality looking casing.
@slaw That’s valid feedback to the company for their higher priced offerings, especially those targeted towards audiophile/consumers vs. the pro-audio market.

Like you, I am also impressed with Akiko Audio.

It will be very interesting to see how the Sorcer x4 works out and whether it and my Akiko passive conditioner are complementary, or not. And of course, system wide impact via the Sorcer.
Sorcer or Sorcery, that is the question! Whether tis nobler in the minds of men to condition themselves against an evil power source or to take 
whatever charge one is given and pray to Nordost for forgiveness?

David, have you considered PPT The Gate? We use Bybee Signal Enhancers on the mains consumer unit and find them highly effective. The Gate by all accounts would probably be even better albeit at a much higher cost. Some users have said they prefer their system without any balanced transformers or other power conditioning after installing the Gate. Bybee’s are also very effective at a much lower cost. We use 6 in total strapped to the mains consumer unit.
Robert: I have. @mac48025 and @mikeg have been very helpful with their personal feedback and guidance on PPT products, including The Gate. It is very much an option, and the no questions asked and liberal return policy makes PPT an easy choice. At this time, I'm holding off due to my heavy investment in SR products and the flow of power related products coming through this month, and into next.

Tweek Geek feels strongly about Bybee products (for example, the Dark Matter Stealth) and was correct in his assessment of Akiko Audio's Corelli, for me, based on my experience of the Corelli within my system. Consequently, his review of the ADD-Powr Sorcer x4 holds weight for me, despite his being a dealer for the product.

As you know, power is a fundamental and foundational aspect of all of our systems and influences absolutely everything. Therefore, I am open to addressing 'solutions.' Let's see how the Sorcer x4 does in my system. Hope to have it by the end of this week.
@firstnot  Funny. : )    

Morning tea with Odin in Valhalla...I'm up for that...though I'm having trouble finding that burning rainbow bridge aka Bifröst  to get there. 

Coincidentally, I start my mornings with religious music and 'Discover The Hidden Voices of Norway' ... Cantus' "Northern Lights" was playing (and still playing) when I fired up Agon. Gorgeous album.
I re-read the Positive Feedback review on the ADD Power Sorcer X2:

Some things bother me, especially at the price point. I know it is about what it does and not how it looks but the price point is high. I would expect a better appearance and construction.

For example, it is obviously a bent sheet metal enclosure. As such, I wonder if it radiates anything from those transformers. If it does, this will get back into the equipment and possibly the power cords if they are unshielded.  All those LED's blinking on and off are sure to negatively affect something.

The screws are not flush mounted or countersunk. That billboard sized brand name on the back of the unit is very tacky. All this means something to me. For example, the Akiko unit is vastly superior in construction at 2/3rds the asking price.

I previously owned the Akiko Corelli.  It is well made and contains no transformers.  However, I did not detect it doing anything and, despite its robust construction, radiates when subjected to a Klein Voltage Tester.  It also did not show a reduction in line noise when a AlphaLab Power Line Meter was inserted into the same dedicated line:

I sold the Akiko Corelli for the above reasons.

The last thing is the ADD unit contains transformers. I have managed to stay away from any kind of device which has transformers. They are noisy and radiate as i stated previously. Sure enough, the review states "It emits a very soft (but virtually unnoticeable) hum while in action."  It is always ironic to me when a unit designed to eliminate noise actually introduces it.

Given all this, I would personally pass. I do not care what it does. The Akiko may be superior or not and some of you already have one of those.

Just my humble opinion!
Based on this thread, I have one of the original Symphony Pro unit stored away somewhere that I will find and use. 
I wonder how that unit compares to the current Symphony Pro? Should I plug it into my Audioquest Niagara 7000 or direct to the wall? Should it sit in the component rack?

Ozzy, there are reviews of those units that may answer your questions. I came by those when I was looking deeper into the company and it's products. There were a few happy Agon members who posted as much, back then also re. the Quantum Symphony Pro.   

I'm sure Bill would be able to directly help you out. They are good questions.
David, greets- I'm auditioning a Sorcer X2 now at our a/v studio, it's on the same circuit as a large format console and analog signal processing running off of balanced power.  I've done quite a bit of testing in capturing mixes with and without the unit in place, with various cabling and so on..  would really value your subjective impression on how it's been performing vs. the Corelli.

the testing process here has resulted in a range of other holistic changes to the monitoring config & the overall result has been positive- it creates an unusual uniformity of response between components that can reduce phase-related anomalies in a larger system.   as it's been noted elsewhere, the unit responds to changes in position, sequence with the other components, possibly time of day & amount of time it's been working.  upside there is that it's "tuneable" with a little elbow grease (provided you have other outlets and cables to try.) potential issue is that it does add another layer of complexity to a system & potentially variables that may be tricky to control- too soon to say on this end.
@bonemeister Greetings to you as well!  Thanks for sharing your experiences with your x2 unit.

I'll definitely post my impressions once the unit is in system, after running it in, and with placement, etc. I'll also see if there are differences with the Akiko Audio Corelli in system and removed.

Sage advice / perspective regarding another a layer of complexity and an additional variable to deal with.
The Gigawatt line is amazing. I’ve heard their stuff at RMAF and was impressed. Expensive....
The Sorcer x4 was delivered this morning and just went in system. I will report back.
Looking forward to your impressions.
I've spent approximately 6 hours listening to my system with the Sorcer x4 in it.

I just powered the system down and disconnected it from the wall in preparation for Barry. Barry's been slow coming and we've been in the clear until now.

The system will be down through tomorrow. Once I get it back up and have another round of extended listening, I'll post initial impressions.
our unit (actually a x4) has settled in after a few weeks worth of tweaking and experimentation.  it's been very helpful in refining our monitoring chain and outboard config to help manage phase relationships and spatial positioning in our mix projects.   the unit can simultaneously remove certain kinds of variances between one piece of gear and another- and make it a bit more apparent where other issues are coming from.  very interesting effect hearing the way vintage analog components inter-relate on the sorcer's circuit- and of course, it's easily reversible by moving individual PSU's to a different electrical circuit (or simply shutting the unit off)

other key components currently on this circuit
MYTEK manhattan II
8 channel JCF tube converters
RME 6432 & 642 MADI-AES converters
BPT balanced power transformer
mostly wireworld IEC cables
Neve 8058 console
lots of harnesses and patch cables, analog outboard gear

We also listened with open minds...In a mastering studio. I was able to audition to the SorcerX4.
As I understand it:  This device emits a low frequency (below 20Hz) pulse on your AC circuit as well as radiated through antenna-I think Nordost was doing a similar thing with their devices.
It does change the sound of audio being produced on the same AC circuit, but it is not a power conditioner...It is a harmonizer. It does change the sound, but that change is additive. These harmonics can can be seen on a spectrum analyzer like Izotope Ozone. If you like what it does, use it. 
We are after the original source/signal...We prefer the processing to be done through the mastering chain, not our AC products-i.e. harmonic pulses that accumulate depending on how many transformers you are using - X2 vs X4

I feel using balanced power and quality passive power distribution is the best solution for A/V systems. Certainly open to what Garth Powell has developed at Audioquest too.
ADD-Powr Sorcer x4 went in system around noon on 7/12. I had to fully power down and disconnect the system from the grid around noon the next day (precautionary due to Hurricane Barry). System went back on Sunday evening.

FYI, when my system is fully off the grid, it takes about 24+ hours for it to sound 'settled' and 'as-prior-to' the disconnection. 

I've had an extremely enjoyable listening session since! I estimate 12 hours of 'critical' / 'focused' listening to the system with the Sorcer x4 in it.

For those interested, please refer to my System Page (within Audiogon) for a complete list of components, cables, etc.

The Sorcer x4 is plugged into the same duplex that the SR PowerCell UEF 12 SE is. This 'Quad' is on it's own breaker with a dedicated line.

FYI, there is an Akiko Audio Corelli (passive conditioner) plugged into the second duplex, as is the SR Active Grounding Block SE.

A secondary power supply, a PI Audio UberBUSS,  which was previously connected to the same duplex as the PowerCell, is now directly connected to the SR PowerCell [to free up the outlet for the Sorcer x4]. [Note: this isn't ideal and I need to figure out how to get the UberBUSS direct to the wall].

The Sorcer x4 is located in the bottom left corner of my audio console. It is plugged into the wall with an Audio Art power cable and sits on 4 extra large Herbie Tenderfeet.

Early Impressions to follow tomorrow, since it's getting late. They are very positive.