Add-on improvement to analog-only CDP?

I have a vintage 1986 dbx CDP with only analog outputs. The dbx processing circuits generally make this old timer sound better than most new CDPs I've heard, but its still a bit harsh. Are there any improvements I can make to it, or add between it and the preamp, that don't involve a soldering iron or megabuck cables.
Music Fidelity used to make an in-line tube-stage buffer called the "X-10D" or something like that. There were many rave reviews about what it could do for cd players with no digital output. I would imagine you could find one used for under $150. Does anyone out there remember this thing? It was still in production up until about 3 years ago. Check with Audio Advisor. They import Music Fidelity gear. Good luck.
Numerous enhancements are possible, all involving attachments external to the player itself. (BTW: Audio Advisor has recently discontinued its relationship with Musical Fidelity).
(1) AC power conditioning: is your AC source filtered/conditioned? If not then an AC line conditioner can really help to clean up those nasties. A dedicated AC line can also help tremendously.
(2) Upgrade AC power cords: try experimenting with various upgrade cords, to improve tonality & again clean up the nasties. If the player has no IEC (has a captive cord) there is a spiral-shaped sliding device available from Audio Advisor that attaches to captive cords & somehow improves them, but I don't remember what it's called. Alternatively, you can install an IEC socket or have one installed so you can use upgrade AC cords. Do not underestimate the improvements available from an upgrade cord, even a relatively inexpensive one such as the JPS Digital AC can absolutely work wonders.
(3) Interconnects: the cables presently in use may not be the best matchup for your rig; experimentation in that respect is definitely in order. I have no specific suggestions but if you post up what you're presently using then there may be many cable suggestions forthcoming from other members (probably more suggestions than you can cope with). Check with Cable Company / Bob Cohen at for cable rec's & trial cables (AC & Interconnects) avaiable at a modest cost which is then applicable to any eventual purchase.
(4) Isolation & Vibration control: do a search of the forum archives to discover the multitudes of tweaks available. Shelving, footers, cones, pods, & mass loading are all available for sonic tweaking.
(5) Kontact: are your system's cable connections clean? They may appear to be just fine, but try applying Kontact on a pipe cleaner to all of your rig's connections, carefully following directions & doing that critical second pass. You'll be amazed at the crud that comes off. This includes not only the signal interconnects, but your speaker cable connections & even AC plugs & sockets (be sure to disconnect power before sticking a pipe cleaner in an AC socket). Also be sure to burnish all of the AC plugs prongs to a shiny clean metal surface. I like crocus cloth best for this, available at better hardware stores. An ink eraser is usable too, or even toothpaste, but be sure to clean up agressively if you go that route (I do not recommend this). Follow up the burnishing with the Kontact treatment which is done last, not first. Other good contact cleaners are available too, but this is the one that many of us prefer.
(6) Refer to Galen Carol Audio's website for elaboration on some of the above tweaks as well as others.
10lb plate on top
KAB sonic domes instead of stock feet
power cord (can buy belden 19364 ready made & may just plug in---this will make the largest difference).
I have an old 85 vintage CDP I use in my work office. I found interconnects that smoothed out the sound considerably. Specifically the old MIT PC Squared. I found it interesting that an old (technology) pair of cables would make an old CDP sound great. It may not be an accident. The PC Squared were a little dull with modern equipment. It makes some sense that they would have been tuned to make components of their day sound good.
two pieces of equipment that have received some attention regarding making digital equipment sound more analog-like are the Taddeo digital anecdote II and the Margules ADE-24. i am currently testing the ADE-24 and will report back once the unit has broken in. the price difference between the two units is quite substantial. the taddeo is (i believe) around $1K and the Margules product is $190.

Gregg what exactly are these devices that you mention & what do they do? Some kinds of filter / processor/ outboard DAC? I'll be interested to learn more from your report! thx