Add Lundahl MC transformers to Cary SLP98P

Should I buy a Step Up Transformer, or send my SLP98P to Cary Audio to add Lunddahl MC transformers. Phono input use for MM cartridge, and AUX input use for MC cartridge, Cary will install a second switch in rear for MM/MC cartridge selector. This will cost around $700 shipping included, with separate SUT and cable cost over $1400.
Is the sound good as separate SUT or not.
Anyone have done this to your SLP98P, please post feedback,

With a built in SUT, you eliminate the need for an extra pair of interconnects.  The Lundahl MC transformers used in the Cary are excellent and gives you an extra 55db of gain plus the line stage's 20db gain.  That will be enough gain for about 95% of all low output cartridges.
How many ohms need to set for Lundahl MC transformers?
Cary Audio suggest 50 ohms. My MC cartridge is Ortofon Quintet Black S.
Contact David Slagle in New York and have him make you a pair of transformers for you specific needs.  Happy Listening.