Add ipod touch gen 6 to system

I'm in the process of adding a w4s dac replacing ancient Audio Alchemy equpment. What is a reasonable setup for using my Ipod touch gen 6 as my music source? I was considering a wadia i170 but they come and go and I'm not sure the gen6 is compatible.
@credalter - Does the W4S DAC have a USB input? You may be able to use an  Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. Check the forum over at for information. It has been reported to work for many people.

Another alternative is a NuForce Icon iDO. I have one of these and it works great with an older iPod with 30 pin connector, as well as with a newer iPod with Lightning connector. My buddies come over with newer iPhones 8's, 10's and it also works just fine with their phones too.
The W4S dac has an a-b usb input. What I don't know is if the itouch gen6 will send digital output to the dac. Wadia produced a dock that was compatible with the earlier generations but I don't think it is compatible with mine.
Go read the info at According to some of the folks over there, the iPod/iPhone will output bit perfect digital over the USB 3 Camera cable. The USB 3 camera kit cost $40 at Apple. Give it a try, you can't go too far wrong.

My NuForce Icon iDO definitely will output bit perfect digital output. It also has a built-in DAC and can output 2-channel analog line level.