Add, Change, or Delete? N801 , Krell , Wadia.....

Just put together what I feel is a pretty darned nice sounding system. Was wondering what you might Add, Change, or Delete from this set up. Just curious, as I am not looking to change. I love the N801s with these amps, and recently added the 850. WOW!!

B&W Nautilus 801
Krell FPB-650MC Monoblocks
Osiris Amp Stands - 3 (for monoblocks and Wadia)
Wadia 850 CD/Trans
Kimber 3038 Speaker cables
Kimber 1011 XLRs

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I would add a few dozen new CD's. Then I would turn off the lights, kick back in the sweet spot and listen to this system for a few days. Oh, don't get me wrong -- take naps here and there -- get up and stretch from time to time -- don't be a maniac. Nice system.
I would like to get a pair of 10Ts again, as I loved their characteristics, but they would be completely different with this system, and surely better than before. I recenlty picked up a pair of Matrix 801s and those sound phenomenal! Had a fellow AGONer over (considering their purchase) and he was stunned at the sound of the Matrix 801s. Really did sound nice, so the Aerial would be a nice tester as well!

For the last month this set up has been complete, I have fallen asleep probably half of the nights listening. That is one of the best parts!!

I would be curious if the 'upgrade' to the 750 would make any difference at all. Being $3,000, as I understand it, I know I don't need the additional power, but not sure if any other changes are made/necessary. Have you done this?

Upgrade the the 850 to a GNS modded 850 or 861. The sound will be smoother and fuller while retaining the detail. There will also be more warmth.
Great system, Porshecab! You've changed it a few times, eh?
I gotta say that I love the 650's I got from you a while back and had upgraded to 750's. I didn't need the power either, but you know what a macho thing this gets to be after a while... These amps are powering the Wilson WATT/Puppy combo that you love to hate, and I love... So- is it worth it? You do drive a Porche, don't you?