Add a sub to BW N804?

Hi, I have B&W N.804's, powered by a Classe CA300, sound great, but kind of shy in the bass department sometimes. What about adding a sub-woofer? If so, how do you set that up? These are great speakers for mids and highs, especially accoustic instrumentation, if its a good recording, these speakers shine.
Try a REL Strata III or Storm III subwoofer (depending on room size and budget) and you'll be amazed at the results. These subs integrate very well and will not only greatly improve the low end but also give the impression of cleaner and more open mids.
The B&W ASW 2500 is an equally good choice. the RELs are superb subwoffers; the ASW2500 is built to blend with the Nautilus series.
Believe it or not I found great results in adding ASW800's to my 801 III's and never looked back. I tried many sub woofers even the newer B&W ones and nothing seemed to blend properly. Nothing at all against REL either, but I think you will find the best match staying with the manufacturer and sub model current with your loudspeakers. Hopefully with similar materials for drivers and such you will experience what I did and never want to seperate them again. Mine also run this way for video and what an experience that I added one for center to be full range too. Remember that all loudspeakers begin to roll off around 50Hz anyway and that adding stereo sub woofers are awsome if they are placed and matched right. Good luck and happy listening.
I love my REL Storm III. The B+W ASW800 is discontined, but worth finding used. It was designed to go with the Matrix 800 series speakers.
I agree fully with "Sugarbrie" and I only stated the ASW800
for my match and situation ONLY. I am saying to audition any and all that are of interest, and when you find one you will not regret it. I am saying also that a match for the Nautilus would probably be the current line of ASW subs.
Have fun auditioning and maybe a hand truck (dolly) too.
I am bringing home the asw 1000 to try for the weekend,
we'll see, thanks for the advice,
Well, I tried the bw asw100, Yup, it does the trick all right. It may even be a bit much, sounds great for HT too, but it's probably too pricey at the moment, i may look for something smaller, don't need to shake the walls,
Vandersteen subs blend very nice with B&W 804's

My friend has a pair integrated with these speakers
and they perform a seemless match.