add a Schiit EITR?

I stream to my 2 channel system ...laptop USB to Brooklyn Dac to Rouge preamp with a set of quality interconnects.

Will adding a EITR in the chain do anything for me to improve my sound?

I already own a quality digital cable.

Thank you in advance for your knowledge.

What quality digital cable? Is it BNC-BNC with RCA adapters? If not, then it's not "quality", sorry.  The only way to get a good termination to a coax is using BNC, not RCA.

I make the best $275 coax cable.  If you do use a USB converter, this cable should be on the output.  Your USB cable is at least as important.  Silver is best.  I use a WW cable.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

According to Stereophile, the jitter rejection of the Brooklyn DAC is superb (unlike their tests of Schiit products). So it should not be necessary to buy a Schiit Eitr. 

Yeah, right.  In your dreams.
Schiit EITR
Funny, it read like it something else...
More details. The Dunn J test is what Stereophile use. It is a worst case scenario. It exercises all bits and uses an LSB signal with a full output signal.

If a device passes this test with flying colours then there is not much reason to be worried. Most devices do NOT pass this test well. All of the devices on Stereophile A+ list are excellent.

I have customers with DAC's that passed J-test with flying colors and still benefitted from low-jitter sources.

The current state of measurements is abysmal IMO.  The state-of-the-art in reproduction electronics has left the measurements in the dust.  No good correlation now. How many reviews in Stereophile have you read where the listener loves the component and JA measurements are crap? I can remember more than one.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

I love this board. Not so much a user to user help function as a market. OP asks a reasonable question and the response is that I have something to sell you.

As to the question, the answer is: probably not, and where did you ever get that idea?  shadorne seems correct.

In any case, should you insist on pursuing this, you might first inquire with Mytek. You are, after all, their customer. In any event, Schiit offers a 15 day return period (though with a restocking fee).

@melm I did talk to Mytek at AXPONA and he said his USB is very stable.....and I also talked to a rep from Schiit at show he said go with what the manufacturer suggests.

I found a used EITR and bought it...I will test in my system and resell if not needed. This will by far will be my cheapest venture in this hobby.