Add a DAC or Mods?

Let me start by saying I love my Jolida JD100A. I can listen to it all night and without fail it brings a smile to my face. That said, there are moments where I miss the detail and extended highs of other players I've had and heard. Would appreciate thoughts on whether or not to have upgrade mods done to the JD100 (clock, clock power, V-Caps, power supply) in search of better detail and peresentation, or add a DAC and have the ability to switch back and forth depending on recording or mood? Budget would be around $6-900 on whatever I do. Anyone else have this dilemma or any thoughts on it? Thanks
The mods are permanent. Whether you like them or not, you will be stuck with them.
The DAC (used) is tryable, sellable, and easier to live with making a mistake.
Elizabeth makes a good point. I've been using a transport and different DACs for four years and enjoy the flexibility.

However, I am getting quite interested in the different Denon 3910 mods done by APL, Exempar and Modwright.
Have you tried rolling tubes? You can get the detail you're looking for by swapping out the stock tubes.
Yes, definitely roll them valves if you haven't done so yet. Changing tubes can make a monsterous difference in the sound. That's why I like tube DACs so mcuh. All those modders I mentioned are putting tube output stages in their players.
Improving power supply, power delivery to DAC chip/tubes and coupling caps should give you improved dynamics and HF extension. It is probably not the tubes that are holding it back.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio