Adcom tuner pre combos/Parasound preamps....

Granted these are not SOTA preamps...but considering their reasonable used prices...any models that come to mind for 2-channel listening...phono/remote a bonus...thanks...
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I use an Adcom GFP-750 preamp on a second system....balanced and single-ended inputs-outputs, remote, and the ability to go passive. Former Stereophile "a" piece if that means anything to ya.
Clean and dynamic sound.

Great bang-for-the-buck used.


Paul :-)
The best ADCOM preamps in order of excellence are: GFP-750,GFP-565, GFP-555II, GFP-345(with PHO-802A Option), GTP-400, GTP-500II. Some of the Parasounds are pretty good too. but I am not as familiar with their design. Make sure you get the ADCOM 555II and 500II versions not the ealier versions which are not as good.