Adcom - To modify or not?


I have to bring an Adcom 5800 in for service. I originally thought to repair back to original spec, but have read about some shops that modify with better caps, resistors, etc. So I call on the collective wisdom of the forum...

For money spent, would I be better off modifying the Adcom 5800 or just putting that same money towards something like a Bryston 4b-SST (used) or Parasound A21?

If better off modifying, is there a recommendation on what to get upgraded and to what parts?

+1 for Musical Designs. John has upgraded/modded several amps for me over the years and does superb work.
Bryston 4b-sst used on warranty all the way. This product doesn't need any mods and good as-is with superb service if needed.
A modified Adcom will still be an old amp which is not made anymore. Even with the modifications the amp will not have much value on the resale market. I agree completely with Czarivey about the Bryston amp. For 25 years I have used Bryston amps with not a single issue. My current amp is a 3B SST2. The sound is terrific. I would go with a used SST2 which should have a modest price increase over the SST. Bryston feedback and service are outstanding. Don't forget to ask about a transferable warranty. There are often used Bryston 4B SST2 amps on Audiogon. By the way, ask is the 4B has the current upgrades.

there often are used
4bsst would be a better choice; parasound a21 is nice as well.

Interestingly, I'm using an Adcom 535ii right now and it sounds pretty decent (better than I remember my 545 sounding). I bought a used Bryston 4bst 3 weeks ago but one channel was not working correctly so its been in the repair shop for 2 1/2 weeks now. Hopefully its done soon! I haven't even heard it yet.

Don't invest in upgrading the Adcom as several amp parts are proprietary (including output transistors) and are no longer obtainable. You won't be able to fix it if anything goes seriously wrong. I owned an Adcom 5802, the later model, and was unable to get it fixed so had to junk it.

I was told this by the tech who owned an authorized repair center and worked on them for several years. He said Adcom had major inventory problems when it went through financial difficulties some years back.