ADCOM Repairs

I have an ADCOM Home theater Amplifier that needs repairing. Does anyone know where I can send it for an inspection/repair?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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call adcom they will have a flat rate to fix it..i had the 5800 amp,and they wanted 655.00 to fix it and it would of been 125.00 to ship it there and back.aused one in good shape was only 500.00 so do your homework there number is on there web sight
Adcom no longer does repairs at their factory. All warranty repairs need to be done at their many authorized service centers. I just had to get my Adcom GFA-5300 amp repaired.
About two years ago I needed to get an Adcom pre pro repaired under the warrantee. I understand the ownership changed hands around the time of my call, so perhaps this is the "new" Adcom customer service policy. I was told since I did not buy my pre from an authorized dealer there would be no repair work done under the warrantee. After I proved my dealer was authorized, they changed their tune and told me parts were no longer available for my 3 year old unit. Then they told me that my unit was so far out of date it made no sense to repair it at all. Then they tried to sell me a new unit direct from Adcom at a substantial discount ( so they said) I stuck to my guns and worked my way up the chain of command until I finally had the unit repaired for the cost of the shipping. Bottom may have to be assertive to get your unit repaired if it is a warrantee issue. An interesting side note.....the unit was completely dead when I shipped it to them. When it came back it worked well except the 5.1 outputs and the on screen display did not work at all. Good luck!
adcom is expensive.needed new laser for gcd-750.cost from them,289.00.same part on-line,58.00.i can understand some mark-up,but 500% is absurd.if any-one needs this part,e-mail and i will forward info.
One advantage of an old fashoned tube amp is that if you can get a schematic and are at all handy with a soldering iron you can probably fix it yourself. Modern electronics are almost are supposed to junk it and buy another which will be better and cheaper. This is one factor that discourages me from buying very expensive electronics.