Adcom "B" stock amp into my NAD C340 integrated?

I'm trying to upgrade on a real tight budget. I wondered how much of an improvement I would get by running an Adcom "B" stock power amp (in the $500 range) thru my NAD C340 integrated, using the NAD just as a pre-amp. I assume the remote control would still work and give me that lazy convenience. I have a 14 by 20 room with cathedral ceiling and right now am using Spica SC-30 speakers (a Stereophile Budget Component of the Year, I believe, in about 1992). I will upgrade to a Triangle or some decent mini-monitor in the $1,000 or so range this summer. I'd like to find a pair of Spica TC-50s or 60s. I listen mostly to female vocalists and light jazz. Thanks!
The Adcom sounds like it would be a temporary step from what you've posted. Rather than spend money on this, why don't you lay out a specific plan of attack. You can do this by listing what your goals are for this system and then what steps or components will move you closer to realizing those goals.

All too often we get sidetracked by "good deals" on stuff that we really don't need or won't fit into "the big plan". As such, we end up spending money for "new toys" that really aren't beneficial to us. If we shop and plan carefully, we can come out WAY ahead just by practicing a little restraint. I know that this is hard sometimes, but you'll be WAY better off in the long run.

What i'm trying to say is that you should try learning from my mistakes : ) Sean
While I have not heard the C340, I do have some experience with other NAD components. While I like the sound and value offered by NAD, I do not think preamps are among NAD's strengths. While auditioning loudspeakers last year I had a chance to hear Adcom separates and I have been more impressed by an NAD C350 that I recently heard-smoother and more refined, providing speaker impedance is not too low. If you really want something different than the NAD and only want to spend around $500, I would suggest considering an AMC integrated tube amp (try or maybe an AMC tube preamp with a cheap power amp like Audiosource or something used.
If you are willing to spend $500 and since your NAD is probably worth $250 used, why not sell it and get a much better used integrated for $750.

FYI on the above post; Spearit Sound has brand new AMC tube integrateds on clearance for $499. List is $1000.

Sean's advice is some of the best you'll ever get--give it some thought. You're better off avoiding the upgrade bug in a case like here, where you're really not, in my view, making a dramatic improvement over what you already have. Learn from my early mistakes, too!
I upgraded gradually in small increments. So small that in most cases I purchased the slightly better component for the same amount of cash that I sold the old one for. After a few upgrade steps I had a much better system than what I started out with, and it cost me nothing.