Adcom Preamp & Bel Canto Evo Amplifier

I just purchased an Adcom GFP-750 and a Bel Canto Evo 200.2 amplifier. They both have balanced inputs. The room that I am putting the system in has a terrible hum coming from my speakers when I plug the cable TV coaxial in the wall. Will using the balanced connections rid me of or get under control the humming. When hooking the preamp to the amplifier, are the balanced inputs the way to go as long as they are both true balanced designs?
Check out the topic about line conditioners and power cords from earlier today. Someone mentioned a $50 piece (Made by Jensen) that goes between your cable and your VCR, and that took care of his cable-induced hum.
Mondial's Black Box does the job of removing the hum quite nicely
I have read in other posts that Radio Shack has a piece of equipment for $8 that could possibly fix the problem. Never being the one to spend the most amount of money I think I will try this fix first. Phild thanks for the reply, I did read about the Jensen unit in another post. It seems to work in a different way than the Radio Shack unit but it seems effective judging by the post. Acuujim I havent heard much about the Mondial unit. ALthough I have seen it fleetingly on thier website I have not paid much attention to it. Have you tried it out?
I'm the one who posted on another thread about the Jensen Transformer piece and it sounds like it's worth a try. BTW, it's sold on with a 30-day return privilege, so there's nothing to lose. And in case anyone is wondering, I'm not connected with Jensen -- I'm just very happy to have come across the product after long & frustrating attempts to get to the source of the problem!