Adcom or Rogue preamps?

Has anyone heard the Adcom GFP 750 preamp and how it compares to the comparably priced Rogue Audio 66? The mags seem to like both of them but I'm ready to listen to any feedback Audiogon members have comparing the sonic merits of either! Thanks
It's the old "tubes vs solid state" debate. Take your pick.

The Rogue 66 is a romantic unit, with fairly good detail but a plump mid-bass but lacking solid low bass. I've used both in a couple of different systems and prefer the Adcom unit for its accuracy and greater power at the frequency extremes. That said, the Adcom is not a lush sounding piece and can sound a bit dry in some systems.

Personally I prefer (and use) the discontinued Parasound P/LD-2000, a class-A, solid-state preamp designed by John Curl. It provides great dynamics, power at the frequency extremes, and is somewhat harmonically sweeter than the Adcom, especially after it's been on for a few days. Sometimes these pop up on the used market for around $500, which is a great bargain IMHO.