Adcom or Parasound Pre- Amp w/Adcom GFA 535 II Amp

Any thoughts/past experiences?Should I keep the components matched..Unable to audition the pre amps.I am considering the Parasound PHP/850 and lower priced Adcom's.Any other pre-amps in this price range I should consider?Will be powering Monitor audio S8's....As always, thanks for the input.
The Adcom GFA 535II was/is a very nice entry-level power amp, provided you don't need a lot of power. Some of the high-end audio equipment reviewers thought it was the best-sounding amp that Adcom made back in the early 1990's.

If you can find a used Adcom GFP-565 preamp for sale, BUY IT. It was/is an excellent preamp, and had one of the finest phono preamps circuits available at the time of manufacture. It will make a fine pairing with the 535II power amp. I sold my GFP-565 about 5 years ago and wish I had kept it. Used prices for this preamp are usually in the $300-325 price range.