Adcom or Parasound

What would be a better amp match with Usher X719 monitors between an Adcom GFA-5500 or the Parasound HCA 1500A? I will be using a Parasound PL/D 1100 preamp.
You never know until you hook 'em up and listen, but if I had to buy and try I'd go with brand synergy and get the Parasound combo. I like those Parasound guys. They're friendly. Call them and ask how those two would work together.
Neither. Better choices at a similar cost for an 8 ohm, 88 dB, 2-way with a 7" woofer. You don't need and cant utilize a powerhouse amp, just a good one.

I've owned both amps you mention, I liked the Adcom GFA 5500 better. It is a newer design with much better sound than the GFA 555 series (or the Parasound, IMO).
I also owned the Ushers you mention. I believe the tweeter from the Usher BE-718 is a physical & electrical match for your tweeter. Find an owner of the BE-718 who has upgraded to the DMD tweeter, and you'll have a significant drop in tweeter upgrade.
You will have to negotiate a fair price, but the BE-718 owner will have the tweeters sitting in the box.....unless they've used them for a project speaker.